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Aquanaut Record Now Held by Brazil

Submarine survey team down four years

Two Brazilian aquanauts

It was a record-setting day for the Brazilian submarine survey team as they completed their four-year mission. The team has now spent more time underwater than any other human beings in history.

The team’s captain, Ricardo Silva, said that the key to their success was working closely together and staying focused on their goals. He also credited the support of their families and friends back home.

The team’s mission was to map the ocean floor and collect data about the aquatic life in the area. Silva said that they were able to accomplish their goals and more.

He said that the team’s biggest accomplishment was proving that humans can live and work underwater for extended periods of time. He said that the team’s work will help pave the way for future missions to outer space.

The team returned to a hero’s welcome in their hometown of Rio de Janeiro. Silva said that he and his teammates are looking forward to spending time with their loved ones and getting some well-deserved rest.

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