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This is basically a shiny new version of malevole, a weird random-nonsense site launched way back in 2002.

Unless otherwise stated, everything created for this site is © 2002–2021 by Matt Round. If you have an interesting/worthy reason to reuse something then do ask, but please don’t sulk if the answer’s no.

No guarantees, no liabilities, it’s a daft website not a government service or a robot that performs brain surgery. It owes you nothing.


There’s no intrusive tracking or sneaky third-party data sharing. The analytics service sets no cookies and minimal data is stored (full data policy), and any ‘goals’ we measure are only aggregated counts.

The CDN sets a cookie for security measures and monitors traffic. The web server has standard log files.

YouTube embeds either use ‘privacy-enhanced’ mode (which means they won’t track you unless you play the video) or are preceded by an opt-in button (as in Voleflix).

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