We’ve opened our Mastodon server to anyone who wants to join a cosier instance. You don’t even have to like crisp sandwiches.

  • Professionally managed hosting
  • Moderated by a sensible human
  • Its own :emojis: and themes
  • Updates and sneak previews
  • We won’t sell out to Space Karen

£1 per month +VAT, paid annually

Questions, questions…

“Wait a sec, I thought Mastodon’s free?”
But hosting isn’t, and we’re putting our time into doing this. Having a small membership fee also keeps out abuse and spam.
“What are the server’s rules?”
They’re listed on the About page (summary: please don’t be an arsehole).
“Sneak preview stuff…?”
As well as updates and features, we’ll send out Gumroad emails offering early access and behind-the-scenes info for new projects (you can opt out if we bore you).
“I already have a Mastodon account, can I bring my followers?”
Yes, Mastodon lets you do this fairly easily, and the same applies if you leave.
“Do I have to be British?”
No; it’s inevitably going to be a mostly-English-speaking server, but all nationalities are welcome (and many won’t have to pay VAT/sales tax).
“Is there an app?”
You can use any Mastodon app or our web interface.
“What if I need to know more before signing up?”
Email or reach us on Mastodon/Twitter.
Fedi.Tips is also a good source of detailed Mastodon info.