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New Moon Atlas Planned

Will include magnetic fields

A wireframe graphic of the Moon and magnetic fields

After years of planning, a new moon atlas is finally in the works. The atlas will include highly detailed maps of the moon’s surface, as well as its magnetic field.

The project is being spearheaded by the Lunar Exploration Organization (LEO), a new organization dedicated to exploring the moon. LEO has already raised $1 billion from private investors, and is now in the process of designing and building a new spacecraft, the Lunar Explorer, which will be used to map the moon’s surface and collect data about its magnetic field.

“This will be the most comprehensive map of the moon ever produced,” said LEO president John Miller. “It will provide invaluable information for future missions to the moon and its potential for habitation.”

The Lunar Explorer is scheduled to launch in 2003, and LEO expects to have the atlas completed by 2005. The atlas will be made available to the public, and will be used by scientists and astronomers to better understand the moon and its place in the solar system.

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