World’s Biggest Freddo

FreddoThe Freddo is possibly the most iconic amphibian-themed chocolate bar you can buy, but it’s tiny. So in April 2021, live on Twitter, we tried to make the biggest one ever.

The Essentials


Essential item 1: a frog cake tin we found on eBay, it was a bit battered & grubby but we’ve given it a scrub Frog cake tin

Essential item 2: pile of 100 Freddo bars. We probably should just roll around in them on a bed or throw them up in the air or something 100 Freddo bars

Only a couple of weeks or so out of date, they’ll be fiiiiiine Label showing a ‘best before’ date in the past



Need to close off the sides to get a more Freddo-like shape Frog tin with foil added

A bit of duct tape will fix anything, now to unwrap the chocs Duct-taped foil

We’re gonna need a bigger bowl Bowl full of Freddos



Apparently you’re supposed to put the bowl over some hot water? Worth a try Hot water in pan

Not a lot happening. Only minimal meltage is occurring. Boring. Freddos in bowl over pan



Getting there, needs more nuking Partially melted chocolate

YES that can go in the tin Fully melted chocolate


Second batch More Freddos in a bowl

Nearly there… More melted chocolate



It looks a bit… bubbly. Maybe we’ve made a giant Aero? Tin full of chocolate

Into the fridge for a while. Maybe an hour? Tin in fridge


Gah still soft, back in again, we’ll put ice packs from the freezer under it to speed things along Prodding slightly soft chocolate

The Result


It’s ready! Removing those side bits first… Tin full of solid chocolate

Duct tape and foil removed

Now for the moment of truth. Will it stick to the tin and break up, or plop out nicely in one piece? Tin turned over

BEHOLD MegaFreddo revealed

Close up

MegaFreddo alongside microfreddo for scale Single Freddo alongside the MegaFreddo

1.76kg of solid chocolate, perfect for a light snack or child’s lunchbox 1.759kg

Job Done


Thanks for joining us on this epic journey, we’re now off for a lie down in a darkened room after all this excitement