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They say everyone has their price… so we’ve calculated ours!

Each purchase includes standalone editable code for you to use/modify, documentation, intellectual property and permanent redirects.


  • Can You Draw a Perfect Circle?

    Launched: 8 Oct 2019

    It keeps going viral, getting discovered and rediscovered by new groups of people. Now at over 21 million views and an estimated 400 million circles drawn, with thousands of links.


  • Dog Poo Golf

    Launched: 26 Mar 2024

    A super-polished 3D game with its own special Wii-style music.

    £25,089.99 Buy now

  • British Seaside Simulator

    Launched: 15 Sep 2023

    Own the only online simulation of smearing seagull poo across a windscreen. Additional permission required from those who supplied background images.

    £5,444.99 Buy now

  • Kick the Ball Back

    Launched: 30 Aug 2019

    This addictive little game has had millions of views and the football thumbnail seems to attract a lot of clicks.

    £39,100.99 Buy now

  • Clone-a Lisa forgery game

    Launched: 18 Aug 2023

    As well as fully owning this popular game, you’ll get instructions on how to adapt it to create versions for other works of art!

    £30,201.99 Buy now

  • The Whole Kit and Caboodle

    Launched: 5 Aug 2019

    The entire site — all the projects (including those not listed here), domain name, social accounts, newsletter subscribers, all the content (including user-submitted stuff) and the branding/intellectual property. We’ll probably retire to a tiny cottage and weave baskets or something.

    £.99 Make offer

    HAGGLEBOT v0.62

  • Celeb Clock

    Launched: 29 Feb 2024

    Can be easily updated to add more schedules.

    £3,900.99 Buy now

  • Biro + Banana = Art

    Launched: 26 Jul 2023

    You’ll get the page design, simple PHP/SQLite backend and a redirect. Existing images and comments not included for permission reasons.

    £3,333.99 Buy now

  • BIG BEN word game

    Launched: 19 Jul 2023

    A polished game with 86,400 different challenges, plenty of replayability for word game fans.

    £26,303.99 Buy now

  • DayBrix daily minigame

    Launched: 25 May 2023

    A slick, playable daily challenge that can keep running indefinitely without extra work.

    £21,900.99 Buy now

  • Britain’s Most Boring

    Launched: 14 Jun 2023

    We’ll even include the unclaimed (at the time of writing) glass award for you to give away.

    £2,023.99 Buy now

  • Penga - penguin physics game

    Launched: 10 Jun 2022

    A polished game with unique artwork and code you’ll fully own. The core physics engine is open source.

    £17,020.99 Buy now

  • The Kilobyte’s Gambit

    Launched: 4 Mar 2021

    A hugely popular and surprisingly challenging (we usually lose) chess game with a distinctive look. Transfer of ownership will require permission from those who supplied the original engine and artwork.

    £37,300.99 Buy now

  • Crisp Sandwich Day

    Launched: 1 Sep 2022

    No one can own Crisp Sandwich Day, it’s already out there and bigger than any of us, but you can have the main page promoting it. Existing pledges not included for permission reasons.

    £6,666.99 Buy now

  • BOKEH game

    Launched: 21 Apr 2022

    A simple, stylish, compelling game.

    £4,510.99 Buy now

  • Hit the High Notes

    Launched: 21 Nov 2019

    The loudest singing/screeching webgame around! Pitch detection uses an open source library, and pics have various CC licenses.

    £8,900.99 Buy now

  • Triple Tautonyms

    Launched: 7 Dec 2021

    Delightful bespoke animal illustrations in a card game you can fully own.

    £3,270.99 Buy now

  • Plaiceholder Images

    Launched: 6 Sep 2019

    Look, it seemed like an amusingly daft pun at the time, placeholder = plaice + (Noddy) Holder, see? Then we combined it with more puns. We’re very sorry.

    £99.99 Buy now

  • The Kubrick Times - A.I. newspaper

    Launched: 29 Jul 2022

    Own the whole fictional AI-generated news site inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey. Your future use of the content must comply with OpenAI’s rules.

    £5,200.99 Buy now

  • World’s Biggest Freddo

    Launched: 20 Apr 2021

    If you buy this page we’ll also create a NEW “MegaFreddo” from 100 Freddos and send it to you.

    £2,410.99 Buy now

  • Kilogram - 1KB photo site

    Launched: 4 Oct 2022

    You can own the lowest-quality photo sharing site on the internet, the absolute worst. Existing image content not included for permission reasons.

    £5,120.99 Buy now

  • Text Generator

    Launched: 6 Aug 2019

    This was first released in 2003, has thousands of inbound links, and over the years has attracted strange offers from spammers who didn’t seem to realise it only spits out ’80s TV theme lyrics.

    £5,788.99 Buy now

  • ButtyStock

    Launched: 19 Sep 2019

    The number one site for free crisp sandwich photos, illustrations, videos and 3D models. All of the content is already public domain, but you’ll get the code, branding and augmented reality feature. Existing comments not included for permission reasons.

    £18,200.99 Buy now

  • Happy Birthday To You public domain

    Launched: 27 Jan 2021

    The audio itself is public domain, and the photos are from free-image sites, so you’ll only own the page.

    £1,305.99 Buy now

  • Childhood Ambitions …vs reality

    Launched: 13 Sep 2022

    You’ll get the page and the survey data (both raw and tidied/collated). The pics are from free-image sites.

    £2,250.99 Buy now

  • Are You a Clickbait Genius?

    Launched: 15 Oct 2021

    The data is from Upworthy, and the pics are from free-image sites, but you’ll own the quiz code.

    £3,580.99 Buy now

  • What’s Your Sleep Animal?

    Launched: 27 Sep 2019

    This fun toy uses data from an academic paper to compare our snoozing with the animal kingdom.

    £3,660.99 Buy now

  • Goth or Moth?

    Launched: 12 Sep 2019

    You’ll own this surprisingly tricky musical/lepidopterological quiz.

    £3,100.99 Buy now

  • Imaginary Friends Reunited

    Launched: 30 Mar 2021

    You’ll get the code, logo, etc, and the survey used to gather new responses. Existing friends and comments not included for permission reasons.

    £4,400.99 Buy now


    Launched: 17 Jun 2020

    Overpriced and basic.

    £1,999.99 Buy now

  • They Walk Among Us

    Launched: 16 Aug 2019

    You’ll get the page and the full Google Surveys results.

    £990.99 Buy now

  • Work Reply Soundboard

    Launched: 14 Aug 2019

    You’ll own the page and the fine custom audio we commissioned.

    £1,809.99 Buy now

  • What’s Your Webcam Age?

    Launched: 15 Apr 2020

    You’ll own the custom code, but the facial recognition/analysis library is open source.

    £3,800.99 Buy now

  • Voleflix free movies

    Launched: 2 Apr 2020

    Our popular free Netflix alternative could be yours! The movies are from YouTube but you’ll get all of the pages.

    £24,100.99 Buy now

  • SIMONS memory game

    Launched: 4 Dec 2019

    A fun twist on the classic electronic games, featuring Pegg, Le Bon, Callow and Cowell (without their permission, obviously).

    £3,200.99 Buy now

  • Calm Down Britain

    Launched: 31 Oct 2019

    A spoof video made from free stock video clips, free music and our narration.

    £2,900.99 Buy now

  • This MP Does Not Exist

    Launched: 26 May 2020

    745 weird AI-generated politicians will be yours. The neural network used is not included.

    £4,399.99 Buy now

  • Scunthorpe Sans

    Launched: 7 May 2020

    This surprisingly popular anti-swearing font is public domain, but you’ll own the page and T shirt design.

    £3,720.99 Buy now

  • Avocado’n’Toast comic generator

    Launched: 12 Feb 2020

    Millennials, eh? You’ll own the page and the right to use its custom artwork in relation to the project.

    £4,800.99 Buy now

  • How DISGUSTING Are You?

    Launched: 9 Jan 2020

    You’ll get the grimy quiz and the full survey results (featuring additional unused data).

    £4,700.99 Buy now

  • 17th Century Death Roulette

    Launched: 20 Feb 2020

    An interesting and educational way to explore mortality records. Released just before COVID-19 took hold in the UK, at which point traffic dipped somewhat.

    £4,190.99 Buy now

  • Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?

    Launched: 6 Aug 2019

    The original Flash game was a huge hit in the early 2000s, with 50+ million views and many thousands of links. Decades later, the revamped HTML version still gets played every day.

    £51,500.99 Buy now

  • An amazing new project

    Launched: the future

    We can devise silly or serious ideas for your site and turn them into lovely web things.

    £????? Enquire

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