Augmented Reality Crisp Sandwich

We’ve given you photos, videos, illustrations & 3D models, but now you can instantly bring a delicious 3D crisp sandwich right into your surroundings.

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17 Jun ’21 TaketheLer


17 Jun ’21 Phil Bardsley

Its honestly amazing. When i first used it i thought i had a real crisp sandwich infort of me, luckily i didnt as the lads at Burnley wouldnt be very happy. If you want to contact me just call my agent

17 Jun ’21 Concerned Citizen

What flavour crisps? and how many calories?

18 Jun ’21 MB

Crisping Heck all the fun of a sandwhich...no crumbs or calories

19 Jun ’21 Aussie crisp sanga lover

What a time to be alive.

8 Jul ’21 Codes

Simply amazing

10 Jul ’21 Luluna

This is possible.

14 Jul ’21 suganda

tastes GOod

23 Jul ’21 The black night

i may be an imaginary freind but I love me a good crisp sandwich

30 Jul ’21 Cockandball

This sandwich is making my mouth water

31 Jul ’21 i dont get it

sry not sry

2 Aug ’21 Tehe

Umm ok then

2 Aug ’21 My little Tony

Not bad, but needs more wotsits.

3 Aug ’21 o


3 Aug ’21 mauri2s

mine was soggy.

7 Aug ’21 Cool Guy BiteS THe dUST

WoaH This Is Actually Looks Cool

8 Aug ’21 Checkmate

I love how you can make it HUGE, I wanted to touch it it looked so realistic!

18 Aug ’21 Hottes's guy

It look's like a good shit to eat 😳

20 Aug ’21 anonymous

wow XD

30 Aug ’21 add me on fortnite @Crazy_Thrills06

ngl it looking a kind of stale 😱🀒

7 Sep ’21 Ime

Sandwich making me act up

8 Sep ’21 Cam van

Happy sandwich day!

8 Sep ’21 Miles

This sandwich has consumed my life. I quit my job and now all I do is watch the sandwich as my life fades away and I live happily just staring at my phone

13 Sep ’21 havvannadowwweee

dont use, the sandwich has sentience and it tried to kill my family. luckily they all survived except my dumb drooling baby brother.

14 Sep ’21 ’wich rich

I never dreamed of the day I would get to see a potato chip sandwich in my own home, but you’ve made it real.

23 Sep ’21 Amazing.

I finally got to see my crisp sandwich, this website has saved my life from war and suffering and anxiety, thanks vole.whattheduck

6 Oct ’21 Good soup assy

This has been the best sandwich watching ever, at some point I even enjoyed its perfume, delicious, 10/10 recommended

6 Oct ’21 CHUNCHO

very very yumm i want to eat now.

7 Oct ’21 What the heck

um what

8 Oct ’21 L

i like sandwhiches

8 Oct ’21 ye

oh yum sandiwhiches make my tum tum feel goodie gum drops

18 Oct ’21 Diaper cat

So creamy potato chips

19 Oct ’21 Sandwich man

If only that was a real sandwich, I want to nibble on that like meow mix

20 Oct ’21 Me

Oh no, there is a sandwich next to my toilet. Hmmm, added flavour!

22 Oct ’21 Heavy

sandvich good, heavy approve

23 Oct ’21 FAITH

now i'm hungry

25 Oct ’21 Teehee

This is a godly delight

27 Oct ’21 bigred

breadis gross

5 Nov ’21 AGHHHHH


8 Nov ’21 mmmmmmmm yum

bread is yummy ok?

8 Nov ’21 nanc

bread squad lolll

8 Nov ’21 Bread and jerry

Warning: Virgin Bread Eater
Ignore Bigred, he doesn't know the wonders of bread.

14 Nov ’21 foolish fool

thanks to this technology I was able to put a sandwich on my laptop :D

15 Nov ’21 Juan the Sandwitch enjoyer

Man, I can't wait to spawn a sandwich in front of my friends

16 Nov ’21 Bean man

Put bread in a microwave then boil it

16 Nov ’21 that person

it says crisps not chips
*cries in american*

16 Nov ’21 5AndwitCh man

It's beautiful

17 Nov ’21 E

I gave this to my dog and now it's convulsing on the floor please help (8/10).

18 Nov ’21 T


19 Nov ’21 jar

i got a huge sanwich yay

24 Nov ’21 happy sandwich eater

uuughhhh its too big to fit in my mouth

25 Nov ’21 Ur mom

that some tasty lookin sandwhich 😏

30 Nov ’21 eden

ohm nom nom nom what a tasty crisp sandwich. cant wait to see what the next ar sandwich will be

2 Dec ’21 eren

the bread was super wet

4 Dec ’21 Labsvards

Looked so real i thought it was, jumped to eat the juicy deliciousness and got a concussion and got hospitalised for 3 days. i recommend this 10/10

4 Dec ’21 Lola

That sandwich looks good but I'm a little bit scared that it's poisoned

5 Dec ’21 Dog

Pringle sΓ‘ndwich!?

9 Dec ’21 Donutsareucrazy?

Hmm... Idk what to say
Is it real?

13 Dec ’21 sandwichgobbler3000

wOww iTs soo big it cant fit in my mouth damn its big

13 Dec ’21 revis

This is groundbreaking. The technology to create such amazing foods in an instant must have costed millions, no, billions. I can only imagine creating food right before peoples' eyes, astonishing. I must have been transported to another world, it's just unfathomable that this is possible. I completely back this project.


14 Dec ’21 Balls

yo..Im in class rn but nice sandwitch

20 Dec ’21 baller

yo.. im in klassen rn, men fin sandwitch

21 Dec ’21 Hewo

It looks very suspicious

24 Dec ’21 Jake Perwalter

It's so nice and wonderfull! I love this

28 Dec ’21 Harry E.

Best experience ever. I'm stunned.

28 Dec ’21 Anna b

This is an amazing sandwich. Truly ground breaking technology. it was very hard for me not to eat it :( ok now I'm gonna make a sandwich irl :D


31 Dec ’21 crissy P.

tickle me and call me betty rosevelte is that an augmented crisp sandwich

3 Jan ’22 some kind of person

wth it's so good, i can't imagine how this is yummy!!

3 Jan ’22 Big Jenny

So good!!! could eat it everyday

7 Jan ’22 Some donny who's dead chuffed

I'm dead chuffed with this

9 Jan ’22 anonymous

i love sandwhich

12 Jan ’22 paranoid dude

i think these comments are fake....


Like sanwis

15 Jan ’22 Hungry Gremlin

I Can Do This All Day! I LOVE IT! I'm Never Hungry. Never Full. Just Right. I Actually Thought There Was a REAL SANDWICH in front of me!!!!!!! I'd Pay $99999999999999999999999 99999999999999999999999 99999999999999999999999 99999999999999999999999 99999999999999999999999 99999999999999999999999 For This 😁!

15 Jan ’22 pinat :)

happy sendwhich day !

19 Jan ’22 XUSUSYSY


19 Jan ’22 Ness

Does how much HP or pp does this give?

25 Jan ’22 Dave

DARN IT! I Have a PC! That makes me dumb :( but you also use the pc and you dont know what it stands for so- oh darn it pc stands for playable crisp and that's based on this thing

31 Jan ’22 matcudscss

it was so good

31 Jan ’22 Hellboy

It doesn't look realistic!

1 Feb ’22 yuma

zat sandvich looka yuma!

2 Feb ’22 Con fu sed

How do you make one crisp sandwitch,I wanna try!!

3 Feb ’22 Crisp rat

So croncheeee

3 Feb ’22 Tony


3 Feb ’22 PINAT πŸ’₯

Wery nice app but this sandwich it's look fantastic 😁

4 Feb ’22 H@ker Faaker

My cat,MeowMeow loves it so much,she learnt how to launch the AR herself.

7 Feb ’22 joe mama

i made that sandsiwch enjoy so in the sandwich is made by poop

8 Feb ’22 Qpizza

Nice i ate it

8 Feb ’22 anonymous

mmmmmmmmmm yummy yummy for my tummy tum tumyy

9 Feb ’22 pizza

hmm its fine

9 Feb ’22 anonymous


9 Feb ’22 Im on a chrombook yall

Bro, I have an iPhone in my pocket rn, school is almost over and when im in that car ima have so much fun with this bad boy

9 Feb ’22 Bro are those Chips?

Bro are those Chips in the sandwich. If yes what type are they?

10 Feb ’22 Bro

Very Good >:)

11 Feb ’22 jack digga

scrumptious dumpicous

14 Feb ’22 Ben Dover

I do not mean to alarm you, but i have been using for the Augmented Reality Sandwich for the past 72 hours straight, and after 47.6 hours, the sandwich takes over. I know nothing of my past boring life, ONLY AUGMENTED REALITY SANDWICH.

19 Feb ’22 Ashy

This make me hungry like looking at the color red makes u hungry that's why they make dining rooms red! Yes I got big brain 🀯😸

20 Feb ’22 Bidle badle

Hahahadhajahchrsh. Gimme dat sandwitch

24 Feb ’22 anonymous

Good looking sandwhich

24 Feb ’22 gommper

Sandwich is sentient and it was screaming for help once i started the app 2/10

27 Feb ’22 Gogo Rara

The sandwich looks realistic

28 Feb ’22 anonymous

This looked so realistic I ate my phone.
I now have 3 days to live.

28 Feb ’22 hell0

A little crunchy. Tasted like glass.

28 Feb ’22 Great

I hate it, it tastes like shit and my sister broke my phone bc of it.

9 Mar ’22 ok

Crunchy, but tasted like a handful of uncooked beans

10 Mar ’22 Potato Potawatomi

Really made me bite my lip

11 Mar ’22 Butty McButface

The sandwich mated with my Alexa and the resulting Bezoswich turned my house into an Amazon warehouse and my family and I are now all enslaved fullfilment operatives. So angry rn. Anyway, better get back to it, don't wanna make the Bezoswich angry.

17 Mar ’22 God

my son, you have created the greatest sandwhich known to man. for this, i shall forgive you for all of your sins, and give you world peace.

17 Mar ’22 Jesus Christ himself ->(no joke)

it's delecios

19 Mar ’22 Jeff Bezos

As the executive chairman of amazon, i would like to say that this is simply amazing. never seen anything like it!

19 Mar ’22 Bob Ross

Simply spectacular delicious...I can't explain it mmm the flavors are melting on my.

23 Mar ’22 your mom

man it so delicus

23 Mar ’22 anonymous

My god when you taste it I guess it’s crispy but this food makes me hungry super duper hungry

25 Mar ’22 Karen

I wanna talk to your manager! This is so useless, i would give -10 stars,what's so special about it anyways.Everybody who said its good is a frickin loser.

31 Mar ’22 Poutine

Sandwich très bon

1 Apr ’22 sandwich

dont eat me aaaaaaaa

1 Apr ’22 Con fu see

Why is it sometimes running away from me?

3 Apr ’22 lool

this is so random XD

9 Apr ’22 Wow

Such sandwich

10 Apr ’22 [no]

what if you think it's a real sandwitch

11 Apr ’22 bob singer

i ate it.

12 Apr ’22 amazingly awsoeme

this is to cool

20 Apr ’22 james from place

woahhhh a sandwich so yummy

21 Apr ’22 A random person in ur walls

I honestly don't know what I'm doing here. or with what I'm doing with my life. I guess it started when my mom dropped me on my head all those years ago... anyway, the sandwich looks good! really realistic... I wonder why it tastes like glass. Oh, gotta go, an ambulance is here for me for whatever reason.

23 Apr ’22 anonymous

Umm are sandwiches the size of feet?!🫠

24 Apr ’22 Nugget time

My sandwich is bigger then the Burj khalifa

11 May ’22 MOMMI_JR

This cured my depression

15 May ’22 ~πŸŽ€~


16 May ’22 tray

thta asandqwhich is bussin bussin

24 May ’22 literally phil

Bit bland, no calories though.

26 May ’22 Your mum

Oh my gosh this is brilliant

27 May ’22 Risya

so yummyyyyyy ❀❀❀

2 Jun ’22 fishy

wow. so yummy. love it :))

2 Jun ’22 🐺Layla the Wolf 🐺

I tried this AR sandwich for the first time! But I'd love my crisp sandwich with sour cream and onion lay's chips in them!

13 Sep ’22 N

im hungry

14 Sep ’22 🐺alpha🐺

THIS IS DELICIOUS *growls* *eats it all* *howls* AWOOOOO

20 Sep ’22 kaikai

nice sandwich

29 Sep ’22 Dark_Coffee

Ooooooo nice sandwich :) also hi other humans :)

1 Oct ’22 jethony

this is a delicious sandwich

3 Oct ’22 danchad329

i bet after this theyre gonna give ACTUAL sandwiches to us XD

18 Oct ’22 :0

bit dry ngl

I need a Ribena to wash this down

18 Oct ’22 whatsupdiiiiiiz

damn so griddy

2 Nov ’22 Yourock

NIcw but weird

4 Nov ’22 anonymous

This is cool

6 Nov ’22 Dox

Lol I love AR I'm suprised there's still comments here, y'all are the best, this is the best website ever to me

8 Nov ’22 the sandwich hater

what game is that sandwhich it suck and i have seen better/worse than that i hate snadwhiches

12 Nov ’22 Person (Maybe?) (Don't count on it)

I only only own a T430, so I was unable to get this application. From the screenshots, it seems like a novel concept, however due to the fact that it is indeed a fake sandwich, it seems like it would be very hard to eat. I think this would actually make people more hungry as opposed to less hungry, which goes against the spirit of a sandwhich. Because of this, I think you should get rid of this. Thank you in advance for doing this.

14 Nov ’22 heavy gaming


16 Nov ’22 Whaaaaaat

Nice tech

16 Nov ’22 Blue from RainbowFriends

It looks so reallistic that Orange thought it was there and ate my phone that i use when no players are around. If Green can see, he would have liked it. Purple thinks it was a stupid idea (type #shut up if you disagree). i havent shown it to Red yet, But i will. This is so hard to not drool over this.

2 Dec ’22 Mr Big

Its a dumb sandwich

6 Dec ’22 no its not

it really isnt

9 Dec ’22 Not an Alien.

Hello fellow Mammals/Humans i am a human just like you. I breathe and my heart and lungs keep me alive. these sandwiches look very delicious for my stomach and i have to go to the toilet after.

10 Dec ’22 Crisp-o-holic

A nice crisp sarnie

14 Dec ’22 anonymous

so crispy

24 Dec ’22 Ev

Y so plain



8 Jan ’23 Ladder bass

I showed a guy this sandwich at a party, now im married and we have adopted a beatiful daughter ❀

15 Jan ’23 Aahana.Sapphire

Yummy sandwich, i love crisps aka chips, the flavour was bursting and delicious πŸ˜‹ A bit dry so i added butter!!! Recommend adding butter to ur sandwich, idk how yall eat sandwiches without butter epically on toast!! 😠 🀨🀨🀨πŸ₯ͺπŸ½β˜ΊπŸ˜‹πŸ˜€

15 Jan ’23 GUGA FOODS


16 Jan ’23 Cicendia

Best thing ever

25 Jan ’23 Digital man

I'm glad to have this nice sandwich to eat

26 Jan ’23 mimi

what is this..

27 Jan ’23 anonymous


but now i am hungry.

3 Feb ’23 anonymous

slurp no more sandwitch

13 Feb ’23 Ti tΓ­a la del pueblo

Ha estado genial pero ahora tengo hambre:(

10 Mar ’23 a person

I managed to get my teacher to think that one of my classmates was eating it lol

17 Mar ’23 power to the princess

om nom




2 Apr ’23 doug

i ate it lol <3


mmmmm...3d printed sandwich...omnom...

*Proceeds to die and vomit lol idk Im on another sugar high*

7 Apr ’23 doug

it tasted really good guys

10 Apr ’23 kewl

Wait how do you do that without apple arkit? didn't they deprecate it online?

25 Apr ’23 the


needs more crisps

30 Apr ’23 yoinky sploinky

havent even tried using it yet and its already many good.
59.1928 sandwiches out of 10.

4 May ’23 2d

Incroyable wsh

11 May ’23 FlipFlop

I used it on the train and it ran away. It was heading for the horizon. :') go get ''em buddy

22 May ’23 Freddie

I accidentally ate it...i guess it was just too real

26 May ’23 Rayyan

Hehe my toast is disgusting ewwy

30 May ’23 anonymous

gg so good omnomnomnom

19 Jun ’23 Bum

Add some gherkin on a crisp sandwich and it will be splendiferous
Thank you for reading a Bum β„’ productions comment.

3 Jul ’23 Booty scalpa


23 Jul ’23 sussyimpastapumpkins


20 Aug ’23 cutieecat

yummy πŸ˜‹ i love this sandwich πŸ₯ͺ

23 Aug ’23 anonymous

Bro this is so cool

28 Aug ’23 FELLA

They're called chips.

4 Sep ’23 poopy mcnooter


10 Sep ’23 anonymous

Fella, they're called crisps in Britain, which Vole.Wtf is from

11 Sep ’23 JillOffWithOneHand

truly the sandwich of the century

7 Oct ’23 none gender with left woman


j'approve πŸ₯Ί

15 Nov ’23 Carol-san

Yo quiero el sΓ‘ndwich πŸ₯ͺ con papa frita y hot dog

15 Nov ’23 Vihaan

This is an awesome AR sandwich experience! It detected I wanted to eat it and cut out a piece of the crisp sandwich. πŸ‘

23 Nov ’23 sandwich lover

ooh so tasty

3 Dec ’23 Help

Help I'm caught in the gateways of heaven (went into object, faced the inside of sandwich)

4 Dec ’23 Not a Paid Person

Did you know that you can now manifest a sandwich into reality? Yes, really? Buy this app it changed my life forever because I never have to worry about food again - Plus only $39384584930276543234567876543 for one sandwich!

28 Dec ’23 `JJ

i like it

1 Jan ’24 FELIPUDY


4 Jan ’24 A Human

Bro, I want a sandwich now

7 Jan ’24 wattpad user yu8jch

now im hungry

24 Jan ’24 Hhumanless sandwich

When I leaned in to take a bite, it took a bit of me instead

31 Jan ’24 sandwich lover


1 Feb ’24 Alien

Hellllo i am from planet 843783 and i found this cardinal kord just floating around my shiptop and i am using a wenlock apple 34 to type this message and i can sure tell you people, that that sandwich was sure delicious

2 Feb ’24 person

yummy but there is a glich where the sandwich dissapears

2 Feb ’24 some devious monkey

i eat imaginary sandwaches and they are goodnt

6 Feb ’24 Jeremy :]

I shared the "sandwich" which I ate for lunch to my friends and they said, did you put potato chips in your "sandwich"??

8 Feb ’24 Binlinkier

I Love Augmented Reality Crisp Sandwich

11 Feb ’24 Dog day!🌞


14 Feb ’24 sofi linda

esta rico pero sabe deli con huevo blandito rodajas de tomate y cebolla y con quesito derretido Γ±ami <3

14 Feb ’24 bad-ass dandori skills

Ate 2 of these and threw up
10/10 would do again

29 Feb ’24 Bud

Finally a sandwich I can eat without contracting E. coli!

7 Mar ’24 Andre allen

I love samwitches

11 Mar ’24 kat

very yes sandwich

14 Mar ’24 HeheheπŸ€—πŸ₯‘

Very smartπŸ€—

21 Mar ’24 andre allen

i love samwitches

26 Mar ’24 I need/want

I left my samwitch on the floor! Also my cat didn't find it intersting!

27 Mar ’24 five w's and one h

who made this sandwhich
what is in it
where is it
when can i eat it
why cant i eat it now
how do i eat it

29 Mar ’24 Mercy

I'm not British but I sure do want a crisp sandwich, ooo, maybe I can put barbecue chips in it or maybe a mix. A mix of chips for a crisp sanwich that tastes good.

2 Apr ’24 man

so realisitic made me wanna eat it.