Augmented Reality Crisp Sandwich

We’ve given you photos, videos, illustrations & 3D models, but now you can instantly bring a delicious 3D crisp sandwich right into your surroundings.

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17 Jun ’21


17 Jun ’21

Its honestly amazing. When i first used it i thought i had a real crisp sandwich infort of me, luckily i didnt as the lads at Burnley wouldnt be very happy. If you want to contact me just call my agent

17 Jun ’21

What flavour crisps? and how many calories?

18 Jun ’21

Crisping Heck all the fun of a sandwhich...no crumbs or calories

19 Jun ’21

What a time to be alive.

8 Jul ’21

Simply amazing

10 Jul ’21

This is possible.

14 Jul ’21

tastes GOod

23 Jul ’21

i may be an imaginary freind but I love me a good crisp sandwich

30 Jul ’21

This sandwich is making my mouth water

31 Jul ’21

sry not sry

2 Aug ’21

Umm ok then

2 Aug ’21

Not bad, but needs more wotsits.

3 Aug ’21


3 Aug ’21

mine was soggy.

7 Aug ’21

WoaH This Is Actually Looks Cool

8 Aug ’21

I love how you can make it HUGE, I wanted to touch it it looked so realistic!

18 Aug ’21

It look's like a good shit to eat 😳

20 Aug ’21

wow XD

30 Aug ’21

ngl it looking a kind of stale 😱🤢

7 Sep ’21

Sandwich making me act up

8 Sep ’21

Happy sandwich day!

8 Sep ’21

This sandwich has consumed my life. I quit my job and now all I do is watch the sandwich as my life fades away and I live happily just staring at my phone

13 Sep ’21

dont use, the sandwich has sentience and it tried to kill my family. luckily they all survived except my dumb drooling baby brother.

14 Sep ’21

I never dreamed of the day I would get to see a potato chip sandwich in my own home, but you’ve made it real.