because internet is stupid

The worst-quality image sharing site ever
Childhood Ambitions
What did you want to be when you grew up…?

An exciting new event…

International Crisp Sandwich Day, 25th October (St Crispin’s Day)

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Neurally networked

The Kubrick Times

GANksy, the A.I. street artist

This MP Does Not Exist

How many penguins can you rescue?
Hit smaller circles,
dodge larger ones



Bored of normal newsletters?

We’re trying to make email a bit more fun/weird/interesting.


Don’t miss out!

Gotta classify ’em all!

When an animal’s zoological name has the same 3 words, it’s a triple tautonym

Imaginary Friends Reunited
Now with even more imaginary friends
Are You a Clickbait Genius?
You won’t believe how clickbaity this quiz is!

Knight’s Tour

Moving like a chess knight, take David Hasselhoff’s music to the whole of Germany.

Can You Draw a Perfect Circle?
Can you draw a
perfect circle? Try it
The Kilobyte’s Gambit
Can you beat 1024 bytes of JavaScript?

Nice Things for Creative People

Happy Birthday To You

20 amazing new versions of the song

ButtyStock - augmented reality

Photos, videos, illustrations, 3D & more

Raybees free font

Download our cutout-style heading font.

Plaiceholder Images / Text Generator

Scunthorpe Sans

Using our incredible patented PottyMouth™ technology, we’ve developed a font that automatically blocks swearing

Terrifying game for unsporty people

As you wander through the park, a football bounces your way. Surly kids watch & wait impatiently; can you kick the ball back?

Move over, Netflix and Prime…
Hit the High Notes
What’s your highest note? Sing and find out

Questions, questions…


What’s Your Sleep Animal?

Goth or Moth?

What’s Your Webcam Age?

Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?

Millennials comic generator
17th Century Death Roulette
Try 17th Century

Yes, we officially own the bogroll emoji

Unicode Consortium Official Bronze Sponsor of the bogroll emoji


Calm Down Britain


Simon Simon Simon Simon Simon Simon

TrudgeCast podcast

Dog Breeds Chart

Work Reply Soundboard

They Walk Among Us

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