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English-French Talks Break-Up

New delay for Dover-Calais tunnel likely

A railway tunnel

Talks between the British and French governments over the long-awaited Dover-Calais tunnel have broken down, sources close to the negotiations said.

The collapse of the talks is a major setback for the project, which has been in the works for over two decades. It is also likely to lead to a further delay in the construction of the tunnel, which was originally scheduled to begin in 1998.

The two sides had been close to reaching an agreement on the financing of the tunnel, but the talks fell apart over the issue of ownership. The English government had been insisting on a majority stake in the tunnel, while the French government wanted a 50–50 split.

With no agreement in sight, it is now unlikely that the tunnel will be built any time soon. This is a major setback for the governments of both countries, which had been hoping to use the tunnel to boost trade and tourism between England and France.

The Dover-Calais tunnel has been dubbed the “Chunnel” by the media, and it has been likened to the failed projects of the past, such as the Concorde.

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