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World Population Passes 6 Billion Mark

Even split north and south of equator

A graphic of Earth with humans on it

The world’s population has officially reached 6 billion people, according to the United Nations. This milestone has been both celebrated and met with trepidation, as it highlights the enormous pressure that our planet is under.

The population is now evenly split between the northern and southern hemispheres, with 3 billion people living north of the equator and 3 billion living south of it. This is a significant shift from just a few hundred years ago, when the majority of the world’s population was concentrated in the northern hemisphere.

“This is a number that should make us pause and reflect on the state of our planet,” said one expert. “We are using up our resources at an alarming rate and we need to find a way to sustain this population without destroying our planet.”

The occasion has also been marked by a number of celebrations around the world, including in New York City, where the Empire State Building was lit up in green to mark the occasion.

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