Imaginary Friends Reunited



Imagined by Tokyo at 4-7 years old

They were a shadow person, like they were made of shadows, they just protected me when I was scared. They didn’t have any facial features but they wore a long coat and a fedora-like hat.

Also friends with…


26 Oct ’21

Hey that's the guy who erased my memory?

13 Nov ’21

I need a few more kyles in my life

3 Dec ’21

Kyle is kinda fine ngl

15 Dec ’21

did he have a katana too?

16 Dec ’21

hii Kyle

11 Jan ’22


16 Jan ’22

This imaginary friend seems nice.

20 Jan ’22

Kyle has drip

10 Feb ’22

kyle looks like someone who would walk up to you randomly and ask for a napkin

13 Feb ’22

I want to steal that fedora

22 Feb ’22

This guys definetly tortures kids with sleep paralysis

23 Feb ’22

kyle kinda fine tho

2 Mar ’22

I remember having a imaginary friend like that he used to appear in my kitchen

8 Mar ’22

I remember having a cheetah as a friend sorry 'imaginary cheetah😁'

30 May ’22

A few years ago my mom told me her expirience with a shadow tall man in her house.
She was alone that day, she had around 30 years old at that time, she was washing the dishes when she saw him, that tall black shadow in the kitchen door. Scared, she ran away, then grabbed a white candle and began to pray for that lost soul. That was the last time she saw the shadow. Then passed like, 20 years since that incident, and when I showed her this post she didin't hesitate telling me that was the exact description of the shadow. She always highlighted the fact that the shadow was wearing a hat.

5 Aug ’22

Hey thats me

16 Sep ’22

The fact my stepdad's name is kyle confused me slightly, lol

21 Sep ’22

when i was like 4 i saw a cowboy shadow figure outside of my door and i hid under my blanket 🥰

28 Jan ’23

well when i was 8 i used to scoot towards the wall when i got scared
(i also lived in a haunted house)

20 Mar ’23

is kyle the hat man

10 May ’23

its an scp guy either an scp or scp O5 or something joke comment

19 Oct ’23

Kyle is a man who everyone needs but they don't cuz they thought he is bad

26 Nov ’23

Bro people need to stop calling Kyle fine. I bet these same people are the first people to say they like William Afton like do you want to be never seen again????