Imaginary Friends Reunited

Tears for Fears

Tears for Fears

Imagined by @_emilyoram at 5-6 years old

So, when I was a kid I used to pretend that Tears for Fears lived with us and they would take it in turns to sleep in bed with me while the other would have to sleep on the roof of the house (we lived in a small railway workers’ cottage at the time). Poor Roland would actually end up on the roof more because I liked Curt better. We once went on holiday to Cornwall and they came with us, via bicycles which were tied to the back of the car.

Also friends with…


27 May ’21


23 Jul ’21

thats the best one 4sho!

15 Aug ’21

This wins everything hahaha

2 May ’22

amazing songs I love "head over heels" and "everybody wants to rule the world"

21 Jul ’22

Me like when curt sleep's in my bed.

8 May ’23

the bed comment scared me for a bit what😭

12 Jun ’23

nothing ever lasts for ever

15 Jun ’23

Every body wants to rule the world is the best song

30 Jun ’23

My man imagined a real life band as their imaginary friend

8 Jul ’23

Who is imagining this when their 5

23 Jul ’23

Tears for fears is that you?!?!?

8 Oct ’23

Wow tears for fears is really not real!!

21 Oct ’23

This is actually hystericallll

30 Oct ’23