Imaginary Friends Reunited

Mr Owly

Mr Owly

Imagined by Al at 3-5 years old

An owl, obviously. Very keen on agreeing with me that it was OK to do the thing I wanted to do. Because he was smart, if he said it was OK, then it was OK. He was good friends with Mr Tiger who appeared a lot less but would come round to chase off anyone awful. Years later my niece started calling me “Owl” as she struggled to say “Al”. Which is probably where the name came from.

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22 Dec ’21

so much owl,

5 Feb ’22

You look nice

5 Mar ’22

I love owls!

27 Oct ’22


20 Apr ’23

I love owls too!

17 Nov ’23

the friendship with me and only got so bond that i started to collect owl plushies and statues: owlette, owen, owly, smarty, smartette, etc. i even cried because of happiness after i've saw a real owl!
owls are the best animals out there.