Imaginary Friends Reunited



Imagined by Luna at 6-7 years old

Choco was a floating s’more that would sit on my shoulder when we made a campfire. Choco would always leave before the summer hit, one year they never returned…

Also friends with…


1 Nov ’21 Poopy pants of love and honor

Top headlines: Smores can fly!?!?!

24 Dec ’21 Choco

Luna!!!!!! I'm here !!

28 Dec ’21 fren

this is so sad

14 Jan ’22 Bruhdude2000

BRUH 2022 and smores can soar though the sky

18 Jan ’22 smore

yay it's a smore

3 Feb ’22 whostolemytoast

it reminds me of the time when i was a kid, and someone stole my toast. If my toast stealer is reading this im gonna get my toast back

8 Feb ’22 never gonna give you up

I would eat it

9 Feb ’22 Peashooter

Yummy! but why didn't he eat the magical smore?!?!

20 Feb ’22 Tree :)

Ohh that's kind of really sad

3 Mar ’22 choco

alright who roasted me up

16 Mar ’22 idk lol

you shouldve eaten the smore while you could

24 Mar ’22 cake

oh, choco has been with me for a bit, they leave whenever. dont take it personally.

10 Apr ’22 [no]

mmmmmmmmm chocooooooooooo
just kidding [& for some reason i wanted to comment "ITS THE SMORES ARMAGEDDON"]

25 Apr ’22 sbytndmfyknjhbtgvr

did you ever wanna just turn and take a bite?

25 Jul ’22 uywger9f34tv8c

plot twist: someone ate Choco thats why he never came back

5 Aug ’22 Mint

Hmm i saw that while dropping my lil bro to school

30 Aug ’22 Sammyisasandwich

maybe you actually had a s'more on ur shoulder and ur parents were very confused

12 Sep ’22 meme man


29 Dec ’22 anonymous

okay this is cool

31 Dec ’22 Skindadle

Woow this is really how i exactly imagined it

27 Jun ’23 Choco

*sits on shoulder

20 Jul ’23 Booty scalpa

Im gunna eat u choco😈😈😈

19 Oct ’23 This girl called Lizzy

Choco can you just stay with luna or maybe you already been eaten

2 Dec ’23 ??????

RIP Choco. He was eaten.

8 Feb ’24 anonymous

This is so sad

19 Feb ’24 American Sniper

Man,so that's what I shot during the summer of 2014?
I knew it looked weird,like if it wasn't a person...