Imaginary Friends Reunited



Imagined by Nataliko lamasi at 13-14 years old

A white ghost or a soul that would hug you whenever you needed. When I was anxious, getting shivers and feeling cold, I made myself believe that where I felt cold it was just Huggy hugging me.

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8 Nov ’21


25 Nov ’21

Scary, but Awww

10 Jan ’22

Aww hes so cute!

12 Jan ’22

this is cute

19 Jan ’22

i kinda really like that

23 Jan ’22

Scary, but also aww1

25 Jan ’22

Awww or nawww?

8 Feb ’22

wholesome :)

9 Feb ’22

Love him:)

11 Feb ’22

Huggy wuggy

13 Feb ’22

Excuse me mister but I'm not a ghost

18 Feb ’22

how dare you take my identity.

19 Feb ’22

this is really cute <3

4 Mar ’22

Bro, that guy is my new best friend

6 Mar ’22


7 Mar ’22

i dont lnow id this si scary or not
its just both

10 Mar ’22

you need help

18 Mar ’22

i lov huggy. that is all.

24 Mar ’22

When I read this, it was an adorable thing to read and as soon as I finished reading it I could feel a cold shiver down my spine and assumed that it was Huggy hugging me. It scared me at first but soon calmed down.

9 Apr ’22

What the hell ghost

1 May ’22

that sounds like a creepypasta

16 May ’22

wow thats cool but scary...I like it

17 May ’22

Im back...

2 Jun ’22

where you get a photo of me?

10 Jun ’22

aww so cute

12 Jun ’22

Terrifying yet adorable

20 Jul ’22


6 Oct ’22

i would love a hug

7 Oct ’22

He Sounds Nice. I Should Meet Him Sometime.

10 Nov ’22

Sounds like a demon trying to suck the soul out of you

2 Dec ’22

Bro fr lookin drippy

26 Dec ’22

that's so cute can i be friends with huggy as well?:)

14 Apr ’23

I'm still here and hugging. I miss you Nataliko...

17 May ’23

sounds like an SCP

2 Jun ’23


25 Oct ’23

That one ghost that should be everyone's friend