Imaginary Friends Reunited



Imagined by anonymous at 5-6 years old

The robot companion from the original Lost in Space series. A great protector and friend who was very willing to take part in play. Robot was not allowed in the school grounds.

Also friends with…


16 Nov ’21

Lol I love he wasn't allowed at school

13 Feb ’22

The only reason why he wasn't allowed at school because he once stabbed one of the kids and tore off his arm.

13 Mar ’22

How imagined Robot?

25 Apr ’22

I also had an imaginary friend he was a boy lol. I'm the car when we went to rides I put his seatbelt on lol

26 May ’22

He just did parkour while i was walking

20 Jun ’22

That's Robbie the Robot, not Robot from Lost in Space.

23 Oct ’22


10 Nov ’22

Boi when is school over I've been waiting for 38 years now

9 Dec ’22

So original

3 Jul ’23

I saw him.....

5 Sep ’23

That's Robbie the Robot from Forbidden Planet. It made a guest appearance in Lost in Space (orig. series), but it is NOT the robot regular in that series. That said, I spent a lot of my childhood drawing different versions of the robot from Lost in Space.