Imaginary Friends Reunited

Elevator Rabbit

Elevator Rabbit

Imagined by yeha hm at 5-7 years old

This rabbit was inside of this elevator and would instruct the different levels, there were some weird levels, some were just an ocean, and some were an arcade etc. They were really nice, had spectacles and just stood there, he was white and brown.

Pic generated using OpenAI’s DALL·E 2

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15 Sep ’22

It's been a while since you've been on the Elevator :(

29 Sep ’22

I use the stairs now 😂

10 Oct ’22

How DARE you? Elevators are much more fun and practical!

11 Oct ’22

how about both

13 Oct ’22

n o.

19 Oct ’22

i Just go up!

2 Nov ’22

Uh, good for you?

20 Nov ’22

I fly smoth throw the sky

22 Nov ’22

help i lost my glasses i cant see :(

24 Nov ’22

I find them but it might take me a while to get to your demension

6 Dec ’22

why cant you guys chill, and have a family trip?

4 Jan ’23

how do I auto drive

28 Jan ’23

back in my day we didnt have no auto drive

2 Feb ’23

All of you shush, im trying to drive into a wall

19 Feb ’23

panda, that sounds dangerous. you'll hurt the wall's feelings !

22 Feb ’23

AND?? Maybe the wall's feelings derseve to be hurt!

16 Mar ’23

The wall insulted me, i have the right to crash into it.

2 Apr ’23

Why is there a wall?

7 Apr ’23


9 May ’23

I HATE elavators and rabbits I drive strait that's it

12 May ’23

yall need flight

17 May ’23

why are you guys driving and flying and is that goat in a helicopter and why is that playtpus flying an airplane is he agent p

2 Jun ’23

Bro what💀

14 Jun ’23

You all scare me...

24 Jul ’23

i like to push you off the elevator

26 Aug ’23

You don't take the "Ferryman of the Dead?!"

19 Oct ’23

Cool i'm the only one who's normal wait is that a multiversal microbe?

10 Nov ’23

Yall are crazy Floatation is the best form of travel

28 Nov ’23


2 Dec ’23

This is crazy

8 Jan ’24

Chill and go out to seaaaaa

15 Jan ’24

*turns into a fish* BLUB BLUB BLUB (translated: HELP I AM A FISH TURN ME BACK INTO A PERSON!!!)

28 Jan ’24

As they say boat elephant two wheels are better than none

31 Jan ’24

Meaw look at my tricycle isnt it kewl?

6 Feb ’24

Dude. You may not know who am, But you can call me coco. I'm not an imaginary freind just like y'all.

8 Feb ’24

Step aside three wheeler

8 Feb ’24

Lol i can transport from digital to reality and vice versa lolz

19 Feb ’24

Imagine having to get on a BORING ASS box to get higher,I can't...

19 Feb ’24

pika pika