Imaginary Friends Reunited

Big Jim

Big Jim

Imagined by Char at 5 years old

A skeleton who would tickle me. Started off as a nightmare then became my friend.

Also friends with…


22 Oct ’21 EggLord67

Looks kinda like death, maybe you were friends with death. :)

31 Oct ’21 evil cat

big Jim is the best

3 Nov ’21 ATG_ths

The King of the underworld!

15 Nov ’21 anonymous

baby jim <3

17 Nov ’21 Leleobbucbcf

Best Character ever

6 Dec ’21 optional

ummhmm.. i think you might have a spirit in you house.........

2 Jan ’22 anonymous

big jim :)

25 Jan ’22 Anonymous

Big Jim is the best, (but seriously who dreams of that)?

26 Jan ’22 [no]

looks like the grim reaper

2 Feb ’22 Lol

Big Jim is ma boiiiii

2 Feb ’22 Ha

Big Jim is BEASTY!!

3 Feb ’22 A boy

i have one like that his name is steve and he is 7,8ft 12 years old and is there when i am lonly or when i need him for advice not the best but it really makes me happy

4 Feb ’22 JoJoFan69420

death 13 seems to be doing just fine

6 Feb ’22 Heheh

Kinda scary ur 5 year old self had trauma πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

15 Feb ’22 JAB

yo whattup bj

17 Feb ’22 Elna

Jimmy boyy <3

18 Feb ’22 The one who kills

Hey there big jim

26 Feb ’22 anonymous

Hey big jim you look very good today.
I like your haircut and your drip.
Youre probably a good guy and a good friend to char. I like ticling to. You wanna go to the movie or McDonald's with me and char. Let eat some burgers and fries and coca cola! I see you brush youre teeth every day. I think this is the longest thing i ever typed. I was on a website called and i came here to saw you. You look a little bit like voldemort because you have no nose.
I understand that you were a nightmare at first because you look kinda scary.
Yeah have a great time with char.

6 Mar ’22 Ne?lke

That looked lkke my imganary friend!!!!

After i watxhed the movie IT i had a scary friend!!! He is sktting next ti me rjght now!!

2 Jun ’22 yankee with brim so just a yankee

grim reaper

22 Jun ’22 Smol Jim

Hey There Brother

7 Aug ’22 Char

Everybody think im weird when i was 5 i keep saying that he's real but only a girl named mint belived me and everybody laughed

27 Aug ’22 valen

so cute

25 Sep ’22 anonymous

smoll jim

23 Oct ’22 I hate ya father

Why is this so creepy do i even understand this

31 Oct ’22 Henry Scratch n' sniff (Review Critic)

You where one hell of an odd child to be-friend monsters from your nightmare.

4 Jan ’23 doll face

hey i remember him we use to play hide and seek together it was really fun

22 Jan ’23 Kian Capone

Shiii My Boy Jim ❀️ Remember When Mum Used Too Make Us Sandwiches πŸ₯ΊMissYou My G

1 Apr ’23 Philip Sirrifound

death of big jim (sEPTEMBER 15, 1988 - 2020)

17 May ’23 sans

hey he is a fruad

8 Jul ’23 No

Big Jim had a whole character arc

12 Sep ’23 anonymous

i wish i knew big jim :(

27 Feb ’24 Big Jim

Bro I told you not to post about this now I gotta go into witness protection again dawg 😭😭😭