Imaginary Friends Reunited

The Teacher

The Teacher

Imagined by Az at 4-7 years old

When I went outside, I usually sat on the back steps, and they would come over to me and teach me things. Math, mostly - simple addition that I had already learned in school. I never wanted to be rude, so I went along with it. That, and I enjoyed listening to them. Their voice changed from feminine to masculine to kind of in between a lot, but it always sounded very calming for me. I could never see any of their features, they were more of a fog. I still think the Teacher may have been a ghost.

Pic generated using OpenAI’s DALL·E 2

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6 Nov ’22

that is so beautiful :')

17 Nov ’22

can you help me with my homework teacher

24 Nov ’22

This is SCP material

23 Jan ’23

Learn math NOW!!!

24 Jan ’23

That is so cute thoo

2 Feb ’23


24 Apr ’23

this is very wholesome. 10/10

8 Oct ’23

I killed her but i'm sorry

30 Oct ’23

Ahh, you have written about me! Im sorry i never told you my name, its Miss Jones!

3 Nov ’23

I forgot my homework

26 Nov ’23

This is sooo cute!!! But I need that teacher to give me a visit so she can help me with MY MATH!!! HAHAHA!!

22 Jan ’24

It was a glitched teacher npc.