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Tremors Along San Andreas Fault

San Francisco affected

A map showing the fault line and epicenter

A series of small earthquakes along the San Andreas fault has caused some concern in San Francisco.

The quakes, which have been occurring for the past few days, have been relatively small, but they have been enough to cause some buildings to sway slightly and windows to rattle.

There have been no reports of any damage or injuries, but many people in the city are on edge.

“I was in my office when I felt the first quake,” said one woman. “It was just a small one, but it was enough to make the chandelier swing. I’m definitely not looking forward to the next one.”

The San Andreas fault is one of the most active seismic zones in the world, and scientists say that it is only a matter of time before a major earthquake strikes the region.

“I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do,” said one resident. “I don’t want to live in fear, but I also don’t want to be caught off-guard if an earthquake does hit.”

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