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New Traffic Commissioner for New York City

Major promises results; citizens’ committee reportedly pessimistic

New York traffic

New York City’s new traffic commissioner, Major James Cordon, has promised results in his first few months on the job.

“We are going to crack down on reckless driving, and we are going to make our streets safer for everyone,” Cordon said at a press conference.

Major Cordon has already announced several initiatives that he believes will help reduce traffic congestion in the city. He has proposed a new system of tolls for drivers entering Manhattan during peak hours, and he has also proposed banning delivery trucks from using certain streets during rush hour.

However, a citizens’ committee that was formed to monitor the traffic situation in New York City is reportedly pessimistic about the new commissioner’s ability to make a difference.

“The traffic situation in New York City is a disgrace, and it’s only getting worse,” said one member of the committee. “We’ve seen commissioners come and go, and they all make the same promises, but nothing ever changes.”

The committee’s chairman, however, said that he is hopeful that Cordon will be able to make a difference.

“We’re glad to have a new commissioner who is willing to take on this challenge,” he said. “We hope he can make a real difference.”

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