Imaginary Friends Reunited

White Fang

White Fang

Imagined by Rocket at 7-11 years old

White Fang was a wolf that would run alongside my car on journeys and would do tricks along the way. He would embody toys back at home.

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5 May ’21

He sounds very fun

6 May ’21

My old imaginary friend would run next to the car and do tricks too! Not nearly as cool as a wolf though

13 May ’21

mine is a wolf too.but it has wings aswell so if it couldnt catch up it wold fly

25 May ’21

Hello! And yes I still do this...Do you remember me?

1 Jun ’21

Hey man long time no see how YOU DOING HOW YOUR MUN AND KID'S?

1 Jun ’21

hello! ¿HOW ARE YOU ?

1 Jun ’21

sounding like a book I read once..... It was called white fang.

28 Jun ’21

Sounds cool😎

7 Jul ’21

I had an imaginary friend and it was a red fox cartooned styled blue bandana on his neck. Liked to run on the street while i was in a car running with the car. But it was only in New Jersey with my grandmother

25 Aug ’21

Que genial!

6 Oct ’21

My imaginary friend was my dad because I don't have one.

27 Oct ’21

My imaginary friend would only appear to also run alongside vehicles I was in. Along telephone cables, onto houses etc. Seems to prove how boring journeys were for kids ... or that he was real and got around a bit. Weirdly mine HAD NO FACE. Apart from that, he seemed OK. Very agile.

1 Jan ’22


15 Mar ’22

I love wolfs that is why

15 Mar ’22


16 Mar ’22

there is a movie about white fang..wait did rocket make white fang-

22 Mar ’22

I have a wolf named Slush that I think you would like to meet.

17 Sep ’22

Tbh he looks like furry right guys?

11 Dec ’22

Hey White Fang,
Weren't you on the Soupy Sales Show?

14 Jan ’23

I had an imaginary friend like that, exept it was a cat

28 Jan ’23

I would think there was a shape shifter running next to my car..

12 May ’23

loading run

8 Feb ’24

hey sister! Howrya doin? Hope youre doingggreat!