Imaginary Friends Reunited

White Fang

White Fang

Imagined by Rocket at 7-11 years old

White Fang was a wolf that would run alongside my car on journeys and would do tricks along the way. He would embody toys back at home.

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5 May ’21

He sounds very fun

6 May ’21

My old imaginary friend would run next to the car and do tricks too! Not nearly as cool as a wolf though

13 May ’21

mine is a wolf too.but it has wings aswell so if it couldnt catch up it wold fly

25 May ’21

Hello! And yes I still do this...Do you remember me?

1 Jun ’21

Hey man long time no see how YOU DOING HOW YOUR MUN AND KID'S?

1 Jun ’21

hello! ¿HOW ARE YOU ?

1 Jun ’21

sounding like a book I read once..... It was called white fang.

28 Jun ’21

Sounds cool😎

7 Jul ’21

I had an imaginary friend and it was a red fox cartooned styled blue bandana on his neck. Liked to run on the street while i was in a car running with the car. But it was only in New Jersey with my grandmother

25 Aug ’21

Que genial!

6 Oct ’21

My imaginary friend was my dad because I don't have one.

27 Oct ’21

My imaginary friend would only appear to also run alongside vehicles I was in. Along telephone cables, onto houses etc. Seems to prove how boring journeys were for kids ... or that he was real and got around a bit. Weirdly mine HAD NO FACE. Apart from that, he seemed OK. Very agile.

1 Jan ’22


15 Mar ’22

I love wolfs that is why

15 Mar ’22


16 Mar ’22

there is a movie about white fang..wait did rocket make white fang-

22 Mar ’22

I have a wolf named Slush that I think you would like to meet.

17 Sep ’22

Tbh he looks like furry right guys?