Imaginary Friends Reunited

Captain Hook/Cook

Captain Hook/Cook

Imagined by Amanda at 4-10 years old

Captain Hook/Cook was a murderous pirate who basically was over the pirating game, so he used to hang out by our side fence and wait for me to come out and play. He was also happy to hang around and have tea, although he didn’t like our cat, Marmalade, and would torment him if he got the chance. Sometimes he wore a powdered wig, though he preferred his glossy black tresses. He encouraged me to bury a whole lot of “treasures” under the side fence in our garden, which are probably still there.

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15 Jun ’22

hey bro im waiting to go out to the sea with u

25 Jul ’22

this is cool

11 Dec ’22

Who needs other people when you have an imaginary friend?

23 Feb ’23

I might've seen him around.

25 Apr ’23

yoooo thats not cool man, im the captain cook.