Imaginary Friends Reunited

Mrs Fountain & Effly-Effly

Mrs Fountain & Effly-Effly

Imagined by @lovelyclaire at 3-4 years old

Mrs Fountain was an older lady and lived, with her younger companion Effly-Effly, in the vestibule of our old house. I used to visit them each day for a chat and take them imaginary tea and cake with my dolls’ tea set. They lived only in the vestibule and never left it, but we all got on famously and I very much enjoyed my chats with them and delivering them their daily refreshment!

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11 May ’21

you thought i was imaginary

1 Jun ’21

I can't believe this kid smh.

1 Jul ’21

Wow its really nice to meet you. Want to get a coffee some time?

7 Aug ’22

Aye that's my great grandmother

16 May ’23

hello i came from my cloud to say hi

29 Jul ’23


13 Aug ’23

dont forget me!!!!!!!!!!!!!