Imaginary Friends Reunited



Imagined by palebird on TikTok at 9-11 years old

A black and yellow “horse” with a beak and bird back legs.

Pic generated using OpenAI’s DALL·E 2

Also friends with…


20 Sep ’22 Pedro

Doesn't that just make you a wingless hippogriff?

13 Oct ’22 Boo

That doesnt look like a horse, ya liar

17 Oct ’22 ???

My friend was a shadow figure with red eyes who stared at me, looking back that was creepy and I don't know how I wasn't creeped out... thanks for reading this

15 Dec ’22 Headhorse Arrivals

Wait a Minute thats a dinosaur

23 Feb ’23 00

i was scared because thats close to my name which is kaleah

3 Mar ’23 Maxi

Tengo preguntas;
_pone huevos??
_que come??
_que fumo el tipo que lo creo??
_lo puedo adoptar en una tienda de mascotas??
Es muy original me gusta

27 Mar ’23 Alex

What is that haircut my G?

22 Jul ’23 Grimace

Are you sure that is a horse?

29 Jul ’23 Rai

My imadinary friends are named toast and butterscotch,they are both scottish fold kittens that never age no matter what and its nice,though they are the same age..they're mental age goes higher and higher,they know lots of stuff,i even take them to school!its great until i rarely see them both,are they fading away? I usually see them downstairs but now,they are still here watching me put this comment :]

9 Feb ’24 Rai

Update:now theres a quadio!toast,butterscotch,french toast and munchie! They are seeing me put this comment and the are purring awww!

12 Feb ’24 Evan

Waiting for Kalaha to come in the chat

21 Feb ’24 Kalaha


3 Apr ’24 xXMelanie Martinez fan_XOXO girlXx

bro i thought this was a dinosaur XD