Imaginary Friends Reunited



Imagined by anonymous at 7-10 years old

Roy had short black hair and wore glasses with a yellow suit. He always invited me for tea in every dream I had. We would drink tea outside in the middle of nowhere. He was very kind and a fun person to talk to.

Pic generated using OpenAI’s DALL·E 2

Also friends with…


10 Oct ’22

He looks like the manager of the Savana bananas

17 Oct ’22

I don't like you Roy.

6 Nov ’22

roy, you seem like a darling. i like your suit. tea?

18 Nov ’22

roy is the drippiest man "alive"

28 Jan ’23 a buisness man and tea is my jam!
im ganna go SLAY now!

4 Mar ’23

Hello roy would you care for some tea and biscuts?

20 Mar ’23

Hes beautiful

24 Mar ’23

I would love to have tea time with Roy

27 Mar ’23

roy is a smash

29 Mar ’23

I am literally so down bad for Roy

29 Mar ’23

Did you just say Roy's a smash 💀

2 Apr ’23

Anitcrist? did you say he's a smash ..uhm ok you do you I guess?

2 May ’23

Anticrist is right.
You just need to glance at Roy to see he's hot af.

Love u Roy, bye

4 May ’23

yall are down bad

7 May ’23

he is literally me guys

10 May ’23

he sounds nice

5 Jun ’23

Uh are y'all down bad rn? Sure he's cool but not a smash in my opinion

23 Jul ’23

Is he british?

1 Oct ’23

Bro this was wholesome.

21 Oct ’23

Literally haves tea with a person in the nowhere

30 Oct ’23

Sure ill get tea with yo Mr.Roy!

8 Nov ’23

HE's a bit too old for my liking

2 Dec ’23

okay what is going on here