Imaginary Friends Reunited



Imagined by Antony at 6-9 years old

She was a little girl with long dark hair and a permanently miserable expression. I used to talk to her at the top of the stairs. She was my only friend and got me through some hard times. My daughter has decided Ratula grew up to be happy and that her own imaginary friend is Ratula’s daughter, which I feel reflects my own character arc.

Also friends with…


27 Jan ’22 anonymous


3 Feb ’22 ratula's death note

damn bro this kid hardcore goth

25 Feb ’22 🏤

I love this

6 Mar ’22 Tme


9 Mar ’22 anonymous

Gurl was depressed-

11 Mar ’22 known

Poor Antony...

10 Apr ’22 [no]

She's Not Depressed She's Just Really Grayscale (also she's imaginary soooooooo she CAN be goth i guess?)

13 Apr ’22 Murder

So goth... I love this!

11 Jul ’22 kenny

this is sheer perfection

7 Aug ’22 Rimmy

Sister where have you been are you kidnapped???

24 Dec ’22 Ev

Bro I had something similar

29 Jul ’23 Serenebfdi

Gothic look, I LIKE IT also this is so CUUUTE

30 Oct ’23 The ghost child

I am Ratula's daughter! your own daughter is very fun to be around

18 Nov ’23 Hailey

That is really cute! 🥰