Imaginary Friends Reunited



Imagined by Ben at 1-4 years old

Sam used to live in my nan’s larder. I’d pour three bowls of sugar puffs (no milk) for me, Sam and Honey Monster and we’d eat them and chat all day (in the larder).

Also friends with…


6 May ’21

sam is so hot omg

7 May ’21

sams a hottie

8 May ’21

i like your pic ;)

11 May ’21

Excuse me, we have recived an annonymous tip, and we have a warrent for your arrest.

17 May ’21

Cool looks, man!

17 May ’21

Puppet love+ Cereals love= Sam

18 May ’21

i will marry him

27 May ’21

You look like a baked potatoe eating seeds...

28 May ’21

kinda hot

14 Jun ’21


25 Jul ’21

.......... when did i get here?