Imaginary Friends Reunited



Imagined by anonymous at 4-6 years old

He was a squid I painted when i was 4 and I named him Squidster. He had a really raspy voice and was like a mob guy. He said things like “’Ay kid, did I ever tell you ’bout how good lightin’ a cig is?” I don’t know why I imagined this guy since I already had a granddad, but he was cool.

Also friends with…


27 Oct ’21

so cool

29 Oct ’21

so cool

16 Nov ’21


19 Nov ’21

squidster b hot

11 Dec ’21

melhor amigo imaginario do mundo

13 Dec ’21

Squidwird had a very different story before he met spongebob and Patrick

18 Jan ’22


9 Feb ’22

Squidster is a chad.

23 Feb ’22

Brazil loves him

23 Feb ’22

He's so cool

8 Mar ’22

Im not your imaginary friend,

16 Mar ’22

Squidster is the best. I accidentally killed him tho too bad )))):)))))))

31 Mar ’22

It is me squidster but have i ever told ya how good lighting a cig is

5 Apr ’22


10 Apr ’22


16 May ’22

Good sigarette

26 May ’22

thats me

20 Sep ’22

So cool

15 Dec ’22

Wow Squidster looks so cool

3 Mar ’23

Muy original el nombre...
Me gusta el personaje pero me surje una pregunta, puede respirar agua y oxigeno o solamente una de las dos

24 Apr ’23

he is my negihbor, i hear him scream at 2am daily. As you can imagine, I dont get much sleep

29 Jul ’23

I ate squid today