Imaginary Friends Reunited



Imagined by Very serious barrister at 3-5 years old

I always used to dream about him. He lived a very long time ago and we played together. I subsequently found out there was a Roman emperor called Titus. Very strange.

Also friends with…


10 May ’21

wait this kid thought i was imaginary? FOR REAL?

7 Jun ’21

hahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha poor titus

7 Aug ’21


29 Sep ’21

Mr tItUs CaN i Be YoUr PeT

28 Jan ’22

Titus..... I am your father

4 Mar ’22

Is this the same Titus that invented the bee waterslide? I just checked the note on my hand and it is.

7 Jul ’22

the roman emporer titus is guest starring in the dreams of a 3 year old