Imaginary Friends Reunited

Joe Ratterman

Joe Ratterman

Imagined by John at 9-12 years old

Lead singer of an imaginary British/Australian rock band called Holden TX. We ‘worked together’ on some tracks and talked about music.

Also friends with…


26 Apr ’21

Holden tx reunion

4 May ’21

Hey. How are you, I haven't seen you since highschool!

26 May ’21

houuuuuuuuu yeahhhhhhhhh

29 May ’21

im dead inside

29 May ’21

el pasado no representa lo que eres ahora

17 Nov ’21

we regret to inform you that I have destroyed one of your records because my totally-existent imaginary friend destroyed it into pieces for a dare that I had to do or I had to pay it $400.

6 Oct ’23

When's his next concert. I'm going cos he looks hot