Imaginary Friends Reunited

Mr. Toes

Mr. Toes

Imagined by Kewanee Kevin at 4 years old

Would tiptoe around the house with me at night when my parents were sleeping.

Also friends with…


28 Apr ’21


6 May ’21


9 May ’21

sniff sniiff

10 May ’21

eww stinky

17 May ’21

i think it was just a home invader

19 May ’21

Is it your sibling or your murderer?

6 Jun ’21

thats vcreepy

9 Jun ’21


14 Jul ’21

i love feet <3

15 Jul ’21

mmmm toes

10 Aug ’21

gimme them toes BOI

17 Aug ’21


20 Sep ’21

mmmmm pies

5 Oct ’21

I'm still here tiptoeing. The others moved out and you're not here anymore. I'm just tiptoeing around strangers who can't seem to notice me. Please come back...

9 Feb ’22

Hey toe want to hang out some time .

4 Mar ’22

thats it gonna put some glue on those toes

6 Apr ’22

I once had an imaginary friend. Her name was Buttercup. She was a purple cat. She's still with me to this day...

13 May ’22


17 May ’22

Mr. Feet what are you doing! Stop tormenting other people and come back to our owner's body. We need to walk.

26 May ’22

he is mine yall back off

27 May ’22

back off

22 Jul ’22

Shutup Mrs.Toes or im getting a divorce.

23 Jul ’22

Mr.Toes come back we are being chased by a serial killer and dragging Mr.Body and Mr.head isnd the fastest Way To Run!!!!!

20 Aug ’22

Mom please pick me up im scared ;(

16 Nov ’22

Heyyyyy guys sorry about Tuesday mr mouth ate too much dairy and he knows we're lactose intolerant

3 Mar ’23

what in the mother of pearl is going on here

9 May ’23

Finally a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!

15 May ’23

be quite Mr butt

25 Oct ’23


30 Oct ’23

*Clears throat
All of you are acting like children!
Come back to Mister Body at once!
He is having crumpets and tea and is talking about Harry Potter! He is turning into a brititsh person and is accurately, insane!
He is stealing my perfect and presumptious british personality!