Imaginary Friends Reunited



Imagined by @theboz_boz at 6 years old

He was a tiny little Tom Thumb type boy who did nothing of note as far as I can remember. I think I once claimed that he lived in a half hanging off scab on my leg, the pivoting bit of scab still attached to the skin being his front door.

Also friends with…


27 Apr ’21

That was my back door

10 May ’21

That is DISGUSTING aouhtoaegsdthstst

12 May ’21

They were Crazy

17 May ’21

He was sooooo rude he licked my face

17 May ’21


18 May ’21

I did too do things!

23 May ’21

Ne diyosunuz

18 Jul ’21

what are these comments

17 Sep ’21

yea fr what are these comments *i did too do things*

8 Oct ’21

that is so gross!!!

27 Jan ’22

you guys are weird

4 Feb ’22

i hope he dies lololol

7 Oct ’22

I Maaaayyyy Have Stepped on him.

27 Oct ’22


10 May ’23

Babu why why

5 Jun ’23

He's my fav

3 Jul ’23

Ewww wtf