Imaginary Friends Reunited



Imagined by merr at 7-8 years old

It was Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes; clearly I was not very imaginative.

Also friends with…


8 Apr ’21

why am i laughing

6 May ’21

For Ur Coolness Kid

10 May ’21

This kid is a dissapointment to the imaginary friend world. Couldn't even give me a friend of my own, huh?

10 May ’21

oh, don't be so bitter. at least you got chosen!

26 May ’21

Benim niye hayal arkadaşım olmadı ki

27 May ’21

theyre grrreeatttt!

1 Jun ’21

Excuse me, did you just ASSUME that I was the tiger on frosted flakes? Hmph

22 Jun ’21

that is actually the best tiger ngl

15 Jul ’21

cool tigar

13 Oct ’21

I like how it isn't even Hobbes in the picture

18 Oct ’21

ummmm tigger is the better tiger

4 Mar ’22

does he sell frosted flakes?

16 May ’22

I love does he sell frosted flakes!

22 Jul ’22

Bros gunna bounce on his tail

30 Aug ’22

why did this exist :(

6 Oct ’22

Bro his flakes are bussin.

29 Mar ’23

Why is it clearly not Hobbes?

5 May ’23

i think thats the point of the joke that the image is Not hobbes