Imaginary Friends Reunited

The Black Night

The Black Night

Imagined by Multiple Miggs at 5-10 years old

He floated outside my window and made my teddies fly. Occasionally he would come to the door of my bedroom, scream and run down the stairs.

Also friends with…


1 Apr ’21

That sounds like a demon lol

9 Apr ’21

A sleep paralysis demon

9 Apr ’21

(heavy breathing) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

13 Apr ’21

dude wtf

7 May ’21

*moans and farts while eating cheetos puffs* hey

12 May ’21

Sembra interessante, sembra quasi un personaggio di una creepypasta

20 May ’21

i had someone like this, they would talk to me and make me feel happy :)Id wake up looking at me tho

18 Jun ’21


10 Jul ’21

that one of my minions

22 Jul ’21 and my brother Dean will be right there.

9 Aug ’21

thats defo a sleep parylysis demon

12 Aug ’21


28 Aug ’21

I used to imagine someone a lot like this, except he would chase me when I was running and would whisper in my ear at night.

9 Sep ’21

Sounds like a sleep paralysis demon lmao

1 Oct ’21

Bro que miedo

9 Dec ’21

screaming and running down the stairs? at night? what an asshole

16 Dec ’21

No thats hell tryna snatch you up

13 Jan ’22

wtfff yo me mudo de esa casa y la quemo entera,pero logicamente puede ser el paralicis del sueño

8 Feb ’22


10 Mar ’22

dude black night what the hell

18 Mar ’22

The black night can you be my friend please

1 Apr ’22

nah thats my brother

25 Jul ’22

def a demon

20 Aug ’22

Im gonna move to mars byeeee

20 Sep ’22

Ahem...are you sure that isn't an eldritch horror from another dimension?

9 Nov ’22

Brooo can't even sleep in ohio

10 Nov ’22

You call that a friend?!

8 Dec ’22

Can't even look at the window in ohio

24 Dec ’22

im scared

of my twin...

5 Jan ’23

What in the world is this

20 Feb ’23

I think your house was haunted,bruv.

21 Feb ’23

i see him under my bed

16 Mar ’23


17 Apr ’23

🎶sleep paralasys ✨demon✨🎶

10 May ’23

sounds like a ghosty or a sleep paralasys demon or just a demon

12 May ’23

even N things your house has a ghost in it but who is trying to impressante me

19 May ’23

the black night: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

21 May ’23

bro, you cant even sleep in Ohio

22 Jun ’23

dun nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu batman

10 Jul ’23

(Breaths) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- (falls down the stairs) owowowowow (Breaths again) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

10 Nov ’23

Are you SURE you don't have a sleep paralasys demon?

2 Dec ’23

(Walks up the stairs) AAAAAAAA- Wait, I'm not my cousin. (Walks up the stairs again)