Imaginary Friends Reunited

Plonker & Tiny

Plonker & Tiny

Imagined by anonymous at 5-6 years old

Plonker was a tiny person who could stand on my hand. Despite being called Plonker, he was quite smart. His sidekick Tiny was, hilariously, a giant, and as dumb as a sack of hammers. Both were invisible to everyone, including me. Neither of them did very much, and being invisible I often didn’t know if they were around. In retrospect they were pretty shit imaginary friends.

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8 Apr ’21

Hey!, i helped you with your math once

15 Apr ’21

since when am I as dumb as a sack of hammers?

2 May ’21

yo no soy tonto!! que no sepa casi nada no significa que sea ronto

lo soento me confundi tonto

5 May ’21

No no your not I must of said if wrong I meant you helped me

7 May ’21

5"11 vs 6"0

9 May ’21

I helped you both

10 May ’21

I helped you all

10 May ’21

whys my name plonker... MY NAMES BIGGY

13 May ’21

Ehh maybe not 😱😚🤬🧐🤬😘😱

14 May ’21


17 May ’21

yall funny hehe

25 May ’21

Wait wha- I just got back from entertaining my kid from his trip...

23 Aug ’21

plonker badonker

23 Aug ’21

imagino a plonker en un BOULERVAD DE los sueños rotos
plonker deseas ser mi amigo¿?

14 Sep ’21

chill dudes

20 Sep ’21

this is adorable

21 Sep ’21

MY SISTER HAS A IMAGINARY FRIENDs NAMED MILLY, MOLLY, AND MADDISON!? THEY ARE MERMAIDS. I thought it was weird for her to be 8 and have imaginary friends but now I feel better eabout it.

1 Oct ’21

the hell?

10 Feb ’22

i know i feel the same joe

6 Apr ’22

WHAT? Spikity zingit! When was I as dumb as a sack of hammers?😡

7 Aug ’22

Plonker x tiny🤧🤧🤧

27 Sep ’22


15 Dec ’22

lol- I had an imaginary friend named B4, his eyes and mouth being covered with shapes of paper and weirdly drawn-on eyes + mouth. don't know how or WHY I created him, but now he's there. ..still, I draw him a lot.

17 Feb ’23

im smol

14 Apr ’23

I stole plonker.

9 May ’23


28 May ’23


22 Jan ’24

I once had a invisible friend bob bobberson the ghost, and whenever I was scared anxious or sad, he would appear out of nowhere. He usually just shows up in the middle of the night and goes like 'sup homie'. I just remembered him.