Imaginary Friends Reunited

An entire world

An entire world

Imagined by Damon at 5-11 years old

They all had names ending with ‘al’. The tiles on the upstairs bathroom floor and downstairs toilet were city blocks, the grout was the streets. They just went about their business (whilst I was doing mine) telling me about their day. Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary - solving crimes, fighting wars, that sort of shit. I often wonder where they all moved to…

Also friends with…


5 Apr ’21

Hi Damon, remember me? It's Mike. I used to live on the lower East side, below the sink. Hope you're well mate.

12 Apr ’21

Omg mIKE HOLDER ITS BEEN SO LONG! I THINk WE USED TO BE neighbors on 11th toilet street? It's been so long!

25 Apr ’21


9 May ’21

I miss you guys.

10 May ’21

Mike is dat u

10 May ’21

dude remember me i lived in 13 sink street

11 May ’21

its so good to see you are all well. i cant belive we maneged to escape before the bleach attack it was a close one ( i lived on 8 sink lane)

12 May ’21

I missed you all so much

7 Jun ’21

wow old acquaintances reunion *SHOCKED*

19 Jun ’21


28 Jun ’21

you guys should set up discord and talk

24 Jul ’21

whats discod lozer

3 Sep ’21

they watched you shower

12 Sep ’21

Idk how discord works

29 Sep ’21

omg mike is that you i lived behind the toliet what u been up to

13 Nov ’21

WHATS UP MIKE it's been forever I used to live on 436 Shower Avenue remember :)))

1 Dec ’21

This Is basicly discord lol

17 Jan ’22


31 Jan ’22

you see i really thought that this was a random uncreative kid but after reading the
the comments i think im scared

13 Feb ’22

I've been behind your toilet for years

14 Feb ’22


3 Mar ’22

Ah. The world. I miss my home severely.... I lived very close to the darkest area of the garage... beautiful place. I know you won't remember me. I lived too far for you to notice me. Don't fret. I am not upset. I lived alone for 16 years. Nice home.

9 Jun ’22

Ooh, so you were the hermit living in the garage. My mom always told me that you were crazy and lived lonely, and I still believe her. I lived in the closet, on the upper shelves

5 Aug ’22

Ayo damon remeber me yeah your gf while you were 14

15 Sep ’22


15 Sep ’22

Ah yes, the good old days of war. I miss them.

21 Sep ’22


26 Oct ’22

whole entire family reum==ited

12 Nov ’22

oh my gosh i live on toiet street anyone else

18 Nov ’22

Yes i lived on spooner street

5 Dec ’22

damn cool to see all these people from my city, I lived on counter road until the bleach attacks of '99

12 Dec ’22

I somehow didn't have the bleach attack I lived inside the toilet.

21 Dec ’22

Hello Mike, good to see you remembered us. Can't believe we survived those bleach attacks. They were crazy deadly.

28 Jan ’23

i think i remember steped on my every day!

28 Feb ’23

the toilet flood of 87 i lived on 247 toilet street when the toilet flooded we had to run to the living room remember dat

2 Apr ’23

Cool to see all the people in my city!
I survived the bleach flood, it was horrifying that time, then i came to Bedroom City.

2 May ’23

Guys remember me i lived on the front tiles in your shower then i moved to Quahog

13 May ’23

Totally remember you, Glennal. Remember when you crashed into the Giarranos' yard at Dirty Tile Street? Crazy. Can't believe you moved to Quahog.

16 May ’23

guys do you rember that escapee that feel into the bath drain he came back and is now living in bath lane, anybody living there should watch out

19 May ’23

hey guys do you remmber me well im some where in the us and i almost got steped on

27 Jun ’23

Alot of you remembering the bleach flood of 97 but not the toilet flood?

8 Jul ’23

Ah, yeah, the bleach flood of 97. My bad.

23 Jul ’23

Wth bob bleach

29 Jul ’23

Im in kitchen avenue lol

18 Sep ’23

So that's where annual fork went

27 Sep ’23

Hi ALy I live on 21 bath tub street on the west side!

24 Nov ’23

Didn't they kick you out da slay gal?

2 Dec ’23

A lot of you forgot that when he stepped on the floor. Terrifying.

25 Jan ’24

remember when the bookshelf streets were highrise?

31 Jan ’24

Also this wierd but cute lokking creature thought i was food and tried to eat me lol

6 Feb ’24

ahh this beutiful land of sinks and showers never thought i would come back

19 Feb ’24

Soldiers,do you remember when I lead you all through Black Moss' Avenue during the 6th Moss-Soap war? It was a steambath,such a horrible thing...