Imaginary Friends Reunited



Imagined by anonymous at 5-12 years old

Maureen Lipman in the BT adverts was my imaginary friend. I grew up wishing someone would take an interest in me and my education, and would be so impressed that I would get an ology. She came to me every night and praised me like my parents didn’t. Betty would give me ologies for everything. An ology for eating my dinner. An ology for getting OK marks in my spelling test. Sometimes, she still gives me an ology if I write a particularly good function in a spreadsheet.

Also friends with…


3 Apr ’21

This one is hella sad.

14 Apr ’21

This is the most wholesome thing i've read all day

4 May ’21

Bastante interesnate

6 May ’21


12 May ’21


12 May ’21


16 May ’21

hi grandma

18 May ’21

oh god imaginay friend grandma

20 May ’21