Imaginary Friends Reunited



Imagined by Tim K at 5-7 years old

I saw her on the cover of my mum’s copy of a women’s magazine, liked the look of her, and decided to call her Gillian. She used to visit me at night when I was falling asleep and would talk to me, advising on things that were troubling me (school work, other kids, football tactics, the fact that I didn’t own a helicopter, etc). I kept the picture of her folded in a copy of Encyclopedia Britannica well into my teens. Years later, I deliberately went out with a girl who looked very much like her (I didn’t tell the girl about Gillian as it seemed too odd).

Also friends with…


6 May ’21 es amore

8 May ’21

Aşk var olsa bile kanıtlanabilir bir şey değil

10 May ’21

help me

19 May ’21

I won't help

19 Aug ’21

ayo its kim k's little bro

18 Nov ’21

@Emir Bu güzel

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