Sita Sings the Blues

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2008 1h 21m
Combines ancient Indian epic the Ramayana with discussion, 1920s jazz vocals and scenes from the artist’s life.

Director Nina Paley
Starring Annette Hanshaw
Aseem Chhabra
Bhavana Nagulapally

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User reviews

25 Jan ’22

This can be used as an example of what topics Voleflix has, But in my opinion this film is sort of bad and unsurprisingly slow. This is boring, And the art style just changes every 7 - 2 scenes. The start of the 1 hour film is unfunny and slow, This is MY OPINION. Dont take this as an actual fact, Please! Oh also this was made in 2008 what looks like scratch and its not Vole's fault so my opinion is most likely unintelligent.

From Dave.

26 Jan ’22

I Believe i have changed my mind, This film isn't good, Nor horrible.
It's ahead of it's time, And it's ok for '22.
The joke "In association with your money" Is proof that this film, Predicted modern humor, This film might not have a true art stile but the money joke is all ya need.


1 Jul ’22

dave, why

18 Nov ’22

its... alright I guess. Not one of the best but not the worst. it can def do better.

6 Dec ’22

Kinda boring...the uncessary voices in the middle like some podcast is happening drags it out even further