Boo Moon

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1954 8m
Casper the Friendly Ghost flies to the Moon for a visit. Originally shown in cinemas as a 3D Stereotoon.

Directors Seymour Kneitel
Izzy Sparber
Myron Waldman
Starring Jackson Beck
Jack Mercer
Sid Raymond

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User reviews

24 Feb ’23

One of the greatest films of all time, and only on voleflix just shows how voleflix is the greatest streaming service and it's free. 10/10 film and 10/10 streaming service

4 May ’23


5 May ’23

ok why us rhis awesome?
i also love the pixel font<3

8 Jun ’23

i love this episode

13 Jun ’23


14 Jun ’23

Feels like heaven everytime i watch it!

24 Jun ’23

Idk abt anyone else , but I like to picture Casper as like, 20 feet tall. Idk why but it makes it so much funnier.

20 Oct ’23

good british site

19 Nov ’23

pretty good imo

1 Feb ’24

The voleflix is slayinggg