The Little Shop of Horrors

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1960 1h 12m
The original movie that spawned a stage musical, then a movie of the musical and rumoured further remakes.

Director Roger Corman
Starring Jonathan Haze
Jackie Joseph
Mel Welles

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User reviews

15 Aug ’22

This is one of my favorite movies.

18 Aug ’22

I a so glad it is now available for free.

19 Aug ’22

good stuff

29 Oct ’22

It is soo good movie i love it

25 Dec ’22


19 Jan ’23

It was great, I was born when this movie started

9 Mar ’23

not bad

17 Mar ’23

Ahh, A true classic...

22 Jun ’23

i got to say, i loved this movie. some of the comedy in my opinion holds up pretty well. 8/10 would recommend.

11 Jul ’23

I have to be honest, best thing I watched in quite a while.

18 Jul ’23


26 Sep ’23

It was a good movie 10/10

6 Dec ’23

Great physical comedy. Hilarious writing. How is this not more popular? Such is justice!