Falling Hare

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1943 8m
In this Merrie Melodies cartoon, Bugs Bunny tries to stop a gremlin from sabotaging a US military plane.

Director Robert Clampett
Starring Mel Blanc
Robert Clampett

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User reviews


this is garbage, trash, useless, just like u

23 Apr ’23 me

like tis

25 Sep ’23 Churro

I love

1 Nov ’23 a sim

wajoob! glooba blagu! blaagabadagloogloo! 10/10

10 Jan ’24 Your bully from school

I think this was excellent def a fave

4 Feb ’24 god

its ok i guess

19 Feb ’24 COCOAWESAME123_

The bugs bunny laugh 10/10

14 Mar ’24 DoopDap5

One of my favorite Looney Toons episodes! The gremlin's laugh was goofy!!!