Trolley Troubles

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1927 6m
Before creating Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney drew a rodent with different shaped ears: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Director Walt Disney

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User reviews

25 Jan ’22

Universal in 1927 was the opposite of what it was today. (Good and original)

28 Jan ’22

i liked it a lot because its funny

28 Jan ’22


10 Feb ’22

Never heard of Oswald till I watched this!!! LMAO[

12 Feb ’22

bruhhhh great better than steamboat willie

17 Feb ’22

Omggg bietuful

3 Mar ’22

i have this really weird deja vu where a mickey mouse ripoff (from the looney toons) had an entire episode was in a train and a cow was standin infront of the traintrack and after a pack of hard work and sweat they finally could procced to continue to use the train. i dont remember much of it so yeah.

6 Jun ’22

i hope that more content with oswald will happen like a epic mickey 3 or a show on disney+

6 Sep ’22

Bro I remember watching this when I was like eight because my dad would put it on but I never knew the name till now I know it's Oswald but i didn't know what it was called or where I could find it

22 Oct ’22

If only Oswald got a reboot. That would be great.

13 Dec ’22

It is 💩

11 Apr ’23

it is💩

28 Jul ’23

☠️Hyper Nostalgia ☠️

7 Aug ’23

esta muy bueno y me gusto más pporque es laprimera vez que veo un corto metraje de oswald. De verdad 10 de 10

31 Aug ’23

good funny cool w volflix