Gulliver’s Travels

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1939 1h 16m
This animated version of the tale has the warring little people but no flying islands or talking horses, sorry.

Director Dave Fleischer
Starring Jessica Dragonette
Lanny Ross
Pinto Colvig

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User reviews

26 Nov ’21

This film is much better than many of the modern movies that are shown to young children today. I recommend showing this to your children between the age of 7 and 14.

27 Jan ’22

In my opinion this film is cool, Just a tiny bit low quality (AIs can upscale things so that might help)

27 Jan ’22

enjoyed it

13 Dec ’22

its a very cool film maybe one of the best on here but i watch these during class or while im in iss when im bored or have no work 10/10 totally recommend.

19 Feb ’23

Bien hecho

14 Jun ’23

I seen this movie on Netflix but this is waaay better.