Susie The Little Blue Coupe

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1952 8m
The animated ups and downs of the life of a car, through good and bad owners, from showroom to scrapyard.

Director Clyde Geronimi
Starring Sterling Holloway
June Foray
Stan Freberg

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User reviews

3 Mar ’23 i just wanna jump

That movie was a huge blockbuster in Disney.

1952 Susie the little blue coupe was one of my favorite cartoons.

10 Jul ’23 Lulu


19 Sep ’23 :P

this was cool :)

11 Oct ’23 cody

i swear i remember this being a book i read when i was little 10/10

6 Feb ’24 COCOAWESAME123_

I hope there is a part two :)

17 Feb ’24 Cone

😄 Rlly though, liked the gud ending!!