Cyber World

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2020 2m
A musical journey along the digital superhighway, into the zone where mind meets computer. A Voleflix Original.

Starring The Internet

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User reviews

2 Dec ’21


8 Dec ’21

I love it, i think it's the perfec movie to watch with ur girlfriend in a rainy night.
Simply perfect <3

8 Dec ’21

i love it its percekt the best bye
im in tears😒

12 Dec ’21

Best movie better than Netflix

15 Dec ’21

this is ass

23 Dec ’21


28 Dec ’21

This video is so informative i need more of that bro, is very cool, i wanna cry :,)

2 Jan ’22

memes, full of memes

7 Jan ’22

Eeeeeh (so good!)

8 Jan ’22

this is the best movie to cry to or to watch to laugh or even to enjoy 11/10 and i recomend this rather than Netflix

10 Jan ’22

y e s

11 Jan ’22

this was the best movie every better then fortnight 10/10

12 Jan ’22

Bro wtf why did it talk about 9/11??

22 Jan ’22


25 Jan ’22


25 Jan ’22

god imagine if you could watch this on the real netflix

yeah i think a crap amount of drama would be made

29 Jan ’22

Very nice πŸ‘Œ

2 Feb ’22

it is amazing i love it so much i watched it in class it was so good for a movie i love this sight

7 Feb ’22

Its very weird

7 Feb ’22

this is a perfect movie, a combination of thrills and laughter the plot twist at the end caught me off guard.

16 Feb ’22

i give it 8 balls out of 10

17 Feb ’22

even if this movie is short it really hits, especially 1:00 because its shows the best plot twist ever, a plot twist that i dont even understand :d

17 Feb ’22

not bad not good in the middle

19 Feb ’22

This film brought tears to my eyes.
I am usually not one for simple plots, but this one gripped me from the beginning. Every second felt like an hour, and I was drenched in sweat before it was finished.
The audio visual aspect of this film was astronomical. I was unable to look away from my screen for about five minutes after the ending because of how absolutely enthralled I was.
Thank you so much for helping me open my third eye.
Love, Ben Dover

23 Feb ’22

this was so emotional, 10 out of 10

24 Feb ’22

this is the best moive

26 Feb ’22

This was gripping from the beginning... 1 minute felt like one hour because of the comic laughter i endured from this..

5 Mar ’22

that's vaporwave! what is the font?

9 Mar ’22

i tHINk IT waS so0o0oOOoo0o0oo GOooOooo0o00!!!!!!!<3333333

11 Mar ’22

Heartwarming <33333

12 Mar ’22


13 Mar ’22

this movie is motivational and educational bc I didn't know my ABC's but now I do! before I thought it was abcdgfehoimknp... but now Ik it's abcdefghijklmnop... ty this helped!!! :D I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS

19 Mar ’22

I used to have depression, now i have depression and i want to cry

23 Mar ’22


31 Mar ’22

I had a fun time watching this, 10 stars

7 Apr ’22

OK im always crying but this one made me bring happy tears in my eyes
once in a lifetime opportunity
Mclovin it

25 Apr ’22

the bee movie looks great next to this one.
i want to cry, not because its a good movie but because its a bad one.
overall :
1/10 would not recomend, dont waste your time.

26 Apr ’22

10/10 amazing I cried so hard a tsunami was created.

26 Apr ’22

Such an exciting movie I found myself crying in class I was terribly embarrassed just a pity they did not add hamsters who swallow the brave and handsome main character in this wonderful movie but still an amazing movie even without man-eating hamsters

30 Apr ’22

I LOVE it is so inspiring and emotional. It makes me cry, this movie deserves an Oscar β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

9 Jun ’22

tremenda obra maestra 20/10 y god

21 Jun ’22


21 Jun ’22

5 stars ⭐️
- a true master peice

1 Jul ’22

Wow. this is perfect. i am not usually the man who is so positive, but i love this film. The effects were so realistic, with true cyber 3d models, This is truly one of the first movies that were made with care, love, and attention.
The music was refreshing, calming, perfect even. I Have quit my job and am now inspired by the absolute beauty this film brought m. The joy in my eyes, the happieness, as all of the imperfect incdents, the numerous worsts that lead me to believing i was a substandard human being.
Thank you, voleflix, thank you.

From Guy.mp4

2 Jul ’22

I think the plot of this film is its biggest strength, it shines out when compared to anything on Netflix or Prime

20 Aug ’22

The fact that the chicken popped up in the beggining LOL,and the fat zombie or what ever needs to learn how to dance. Otherwise the animations were a big fat thumbs up.

31 Aug ’22

Never has a movie ever brought me to tears as quickly as this one. The effects were just simply beautiful. A true masterpiece.

2 Sep ’22

Dumb af

5 Sep ’22

cool as hell

12 Sep ’22


14 Sep ’22

The worst and funniest video ever but what's up with that clown?

14 Sep ’22

sooo good

15 Sep ’22

i love this movie .

16 Sep ’22

i am a robot. Good Movie

3 Oct ’22

in all seriousness, it's an amazing movie to watch with the kids on family movie night, if your kids are into sci-fi. should be nominated for an award.

7 Oct ’22

It should be longer and more odd but very funny definitely belongs on for sure

21 Oct ’22

Good so good 1000000l0000000000000/10

23 Oct ’22

better than anything I've ever seen on Netflix

28 Oct ’22

uhh good movie, woudl watch again xddddddddd....ddd

4 Nov ’22


12 Nov ’22

After watching that daft circle movie (you know the one), I was starting to lost hope in Voleflix Originals, however this one turned me right back around! The production quality is amazing, they have everything here! You have the doors, the endless cyberscape, the 3D interior with the human model, and even a dog! I have to say, this is a huge leap in quality. Whatever team made this, I wish you the best of luck on any future endeavors. Best of all, it's only around one minute long. One full minute of pure content, no filler to be found, which is massive in this day and age. One of the best things out there on the internet.

1 Dec ’22

This is the summary of the cyber's world of All Times.

6 Dec ’22

wasted my 2 min

13 Dec ’22

Waste of my life except for chicken

19 Dec ’22

this was a peak move i recommend!! πŸ’€

23 Dec ’22

I love this film so much. Merry Christmas everyone and God bless you all. Happy holidays! Keep doing what you're doing in your lifetime everybody. God bless you all! <3

25 Dec ’22

Omg amazin

28 Dec ’22

This is so cool. 10/10 no regrets

4 Jan ’23

Favorite Film. 10/10. Never seen better.

23 Jan ’23

for 2 mins this in awsommmmmeee

2 Feb ’23

what is this;-;

17 Feb ’23

11/10 best 2mins i've ever spent

19 Feb ’23

this movie is plain art, my dear anonymous. it's an exploration of one's self and what it eans to be on the internet. It explores identity and the loss of it, throwing inm comedic elements so it appears light hearted. Overall, a masterpiece, a 10/10 for sure !

22 Feb ’23

This makes me want to sh00t myself.
11/10, would recommend

25 Feb ’23

This is very good

8 Mar ’23

omg slayyyyyyy best movie everrrrrrrrrrr slay #movies

16 Mar ’23

This movie cured my stuffed nose then I stopped watching it and then the backup of snot flooded my basement. Good movie though the rat was very. Hope that stepvian spellburger gets funding for the sequel.

19 Mar ’23


27 Mar ’23


1 May ’23

This shit rocks, fella!

7 May ’23

man, this is literally review of my mind xdd

25 Jun ’23

man this is like the future ever

3 Jul ’23

Why this is a thing????

23 Aug ’23

this is amazing

30 Oct ’23

It's alright

7 Dec ’23

bro that ending was crazy im still shaking from crying
the lore…i-it's too deep stop this is life changing