Steamboat Willie

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1928 7m
Mickey Mouse’s debut features some scenes of animal cruelty that he’s distanced himself from in recent years.

Directors Ub Iwerks
Walt Disney
Starring Walt Disney

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User reviews

26 Nov ’21

This is, in my opinion, one of the best films in history. It is the start of a legend that would last for years to come.

21 Dec ’21

This was where the mouse was born into this harsh space rock

23 Dec ’21

This is where the mouse of money came out of its walt vigina

11 Jan ’22

Está muy wow ame <3

19 Jan ’22

great movie love the abuse!!!!

27 Jan ’22

who could have predicted that a 90 year old parody of a such a random and unpopular thing would become more famous then the original.

the oringinal thing is called "Steamboat Bill" if you wanna check it out

2 Feb ’22

so legendary

8 Mar ’22

This is where the legend was born. 0w0

12 Mar ’22

Where the Mouse was born! I love the goat turning into a music box and how Minnie is a musician


1 Jul ’22

the mouse was actually born in another film called plane crazybut still cool.

21 Sep ’22

Still pretty cool would reomend first movie for walt disney 12/20

29 Sep ’22


13 Feb ’23

De aquí nació lo que ahora es miquey mouse

22 Feb ’23

So thats how i was born!

26 Mar ’23

Cool film thats so nice

26 May ’23


1 Jun ’23

i like the mouse that got in trouble from the big bear. yes

24 Jun ’23

Honestly it didn't occur to me until now that Walt Disney voices Mickey in this. There is something somewhat thrilling about the fact that all those times I watched Disney movies as a kid, I was hearing THE WALT DISNEY whistle. The more I think about this, the more obvious it gets. I'm not the only one who never pieced this together right?

8 Jul ’23

a classic thing is just what I need for my monotone voice

15 Aug ’23

A classic. What else is there to say?

18 Sep ’23

The best thing sense sliced bread

7 Nov ’23

I finally saw it all.
Great show.
Gave it 10 applauds out of 10!!!