Imaginary Friends Reunited

Various fictional characters

Various fictional characters

Imagined by anonymous at 9-15 years old

I was a lonely child but not very creative, so I just pretended my favourite character of the moment was my friend and would look after me. They would sympathise when I felt nobody else understood. I believed they had to have one day off from this each year, which was October 26th.

Also friends with…


12 Apr ’21

love how they had to have a day off

10 May ’21

What if the imaginary friend had a family, huh? Not even day off on Christmas? wow.

25 Jul ’21

Bro our birthdays are on october 15th o_o

29 Sep ’21

bruh same im like in middle school now Angel Dust from hazbin hotel i hv a crush on him H E L P

8 Dec ’21

I wish i had an imaginary friend

18 Dec ’21

I used to pretend to be freinds with the security gaurds from FNAF and different characters from the dream smp, now it's different Marvel characters like Bucky, Loki, Tony, and Natasha. :)

25 Dec ’21

I don't know if this counts but I pretend to know my dad- I've never met him

4 Feb ’22

i wonder if someone has the 2 people from the golden wonder nik naks 1993 adverts as a imaginary friend

4 Feb ’22

I cant fiND my ant friend

30 Mar ’22

I was so lonley as a kid, that i did this with every single fictional character from every show i was watching at the time. I also imagined that I had portal powers and could go to their universes aswell and i would sit there for like an hour and pretend i was with them. I'm a maladaptive daydreamer lol

14 Sep ’22

I wish i had a friend

7 Oct ’22

I once had a imaginary friend

7 Oct ’22

Intresting... Are you the reason we're getting fictional characters here? It has made everything... much, much more intresting.

3 Mar ’23

No es nesesario ser creativa para tener un amigo imaginario, y darles un dia libre suena muy original

6 Mar ’23

I like how they had a day off, I never would have thought of that when I was at the age when I had an imaginary friend.

14 Mar ’23

bro they had a day off in October and they all probably had a birthday in august

14 Apr ’23

my imaginary friend was Emma from the wiggles... uhm

5 May ’23

i still have imaginary friends. i will not say the name of mine but all u need to know is that he is a clown doctor who is really silly and goofy

26 May ’23

my imaginary friend was buzz lightyear i have no idea why- i didnt even like toy story

27 May ’23

The same day as Crisp Sandwich day!!

22 Jun ’23

hey thats my birthday

27 Jun ’23

Dear anon WHY HAVE I NEVER MET YOU😭😭😭😭 WHY WAS I NEVER A CHARACTER YOU LIKED did the website never become appealing or do you like strong bad more i just-😭😭😭😭

6 Jul ’23

bro i was born october 25th 💀

8 Sep ’23

Reminds me of how in 1st to 2nd grade I had Pikachu as my imaginary friend

11 Sep ’23

Ummmm what? Like, why October 26
Why not Christmas
Why multiple

26 Sep ’23

I had an imaginary friend to
Nobody probably cares though