Imaginary Friends Reunited

Mr Beeton

Mr Beeton

Imagined by @weeblefeeder at 3-5 years old

Looked a bit like Mr Nonsense and had a pet cheetah. He would often come shopping with us on Saturday morning, his cheetah would insist we say hello to the china one in the window of the furniture store.

Also friends with…


10 Feb ’22 nOBody

k rlly dont understand but i want the cheata

18 May ’22 wenomechainsama

dude this guy was wicked radical having a cheeta like that.

8 Jun ’22 Mr nonsense

this guy KInda looks like me

28 May ’23 Mr Beeton

I am You Mr Nonsense!

30 Oct ’23 Mrs. Nincompoop

Stop it both of you! I am the true one.